Sometimes it’s Like a Magic Eraser

Have you ever had one of those stubborn spots on your wall, or dishwasher, or countertop?

You hit it with every cleaning agent you can think of, but nothing is removing the spot!  Then you break out the trusty magic eraser.  A little water, a few rubs, and magically that spot cleans right up.  You can’t explain it, but it still works!

Sometimes, chiropractic care is like that.  Check out this short video.

Why Chiropractic Care Works

Chiropractors are in the business of fixing more than just backs.  The spine is often the area of primary focus, because in all it has 364 joints.  All of those joints can be knocked out of alignment with an injury, or poor form when moving around.

But we focus on other parts of the body too.  And often, your sore back isn’t caused by a back injury, or anything even close to your back.

If your ankle is misaligned, it is probably causing you pain.  So you adjust how you walk and run.  That adjustment, even if it is minor puts a little more stress on your knees.  Your body “expects” movement in one manner, and now it’s not getting that.

Because your knee is moving improperly, now that joint is out of whack.  To compensate, your body adjusts how you move at the hips.

Your hips are now out of alignment.  So you twist a little differently in the back.  And your back now suffers the brunt of the pain because of this domino effect that started way down in the ankle.

As a chiropractor, I adjust the back, the hips, the knees, and the ankles.  Then, because your body is back in alignment, the pain goes away.  Simply adjusting the back would work for a little while, but the pain would come right back because the root cause isn’t addressed.

The longer you have been suffering with misaligned joints, the longer it will take to push them back into place and get them to stay there.  It is achievable, though, and we will get you there!

How you can Live without Joint Pain

Most people living with pain don’t have to live with pain!  It’s an issue with joints that can be fixed.  Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that surgery or some other invasive method is necessary.

Your first step to a life without pain should be to come to Dr. Shayne Dubing, chiropractor in Billings.  Often, adjustments are all that is needed to “crack” you back into place and alleviate that pain you’ve been living with.

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