Extremity Injuries

Extremities can both directly and indirectly affect the spine. Extremities include, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, and the TMJ (jaw).

Do you feel unstable on your feet?

Do you find yourself tripping over things more frequently?

Do you have foot pain upon standing in the morning?

Do your legs feel heavy?

Do you notice clicking and popping when you walk?

Do you find it difficult to go up and down stairs?

Do you notice your feet cramping?

Do your knees ache after a trip to the grocery or hardware store?

Do you have to stop and rest more frequently?

Do you notice numbness and tingling into the hands at night?

Do you have trouble lifting the coffee pot?

Is it harder for you to hold onto things?

Is it more difficult to open jars?

Do you find it difficult to type on the computer?

Does it hurt to iron?

Does it hurt your shoulder to lift things overhead?

Have you fallen recently, and the pain is not going away?

If you or someone you know are answering YES to any of these questions, consider scheduling an appointment with us today!


Subluxation: the ‘natural’ outcome of ‘unnatural’ living.

- Victor Strang, Chiropractor

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