Four Weird Tricks to Feel Better

Did you know that humans have been conned over the years?  No, this isn’t a big conspiracy about the reptilian overlords manipulating peoples’ minds.  It’s documented propaganda put out by those who have big financial interests in making sure we spend our money where they want us to spend our money.

Fortunately, you are armed with the power to feel great about your life, health, and well-being.  Here are 4 tips on how you can reduce your pain, and get back to living a life you love.

Modify Your Diet

Remember the South Beach Diet?  Perhaps the Atkins Diet?  Or even the latest Keto Diet?  If you know about all of them, you know that they focus (primarily) on one thing: reducing the number of carbs you consume.

There’s a good reason for that.  Carbs, generally, aren’t good for your body.  Yes, we do need some of them, but the American Diet is loaded with them.  And often, they come from one source that has infiltrated our lives: sugar.

Sugar, in the modern refined state, does us no good.  Literally, it’s only purpose is to make things taste sweeter.  And if you look at charts showing the prevalence and obesity, you see a sudden uptick in the 1970’s.  It was during that time where fat was labeled as “bad,” which opened the doors to sugar coming in and replacing the flavor we lose when taking the fat out of our foods.  That sugar has really only caused us to get fatter, become more diabetic, and surge instances of cancer and heart disease.

This is long, but for those who want to dive into just how bad sugar is for you, check out this article.

Sugar leads to inflammation; inflammation leads to joint pain.  If you want to eliminate joint pain naturally, mere cut the sugar from your diet.

PS – Sugar substitutes, like aspartame and sucralose, are just as bad for you.

Get a Few More Steps In

We love to sit.  Many people sit at their jobs.  They sit in the car on the way home.  Then they sit and eat dinner before sitting to watch TV and ultimately falling asleep.  People, in the US at least, go from one sitting activity to the next.

All that sitting means our bodies are just storing up energy.  We’re piling on the fat, because throughout our history, that’s how things worked.  We bulked up during times of plenty, and we trimmed down in lean times.  Today, however, that’s a problem.  Because we don’t go through those lean times.

As weight increases, there’s much more strain on the joints to do their jobs.  More strain leads to more pain, which only leads to us wanting to sit even more.

To break that cycle, and reduce the pain, you have to start getting your steps in.  It’s as easy as taking 10,000 steps per day to get started.

Discover Mental Health

We often consider our minds and our bodies to be completely separate.  We think that because our thoughts are intangible, the way our brains work must not have much to do with how or bodies function.

More and more science, however, is showing that isn’t true.  In fact, our brains are very much a part of our bodies, and mental health is highly correlated to our physical health (and the other way around).  If you have ever been sick and stressed at the same time, you know it takes longer to heal than if you are able to eliminate the stress.

This isn’t to say, however, that you can merely “think away joint pain.”  It is to say, however, that when we neglect mental health, we can often exacerbate the issues that we are already facing.  Then, as our joints suffer even more, our mental health declines more, which causes our joints to suffer more…

Stop the cycle by focusing on your mental health so your body can heal.

Have your Joints Adjusted Regularly

Finally, we get to the point that you’ve all been waiting for.  This wouldn’t be a chiropractor blog if we didn’t talk about how important it is to get adjusted!

As a Billings chiropractor, appointment times are easy to set up, and regular adjustments can help break those cycles we have been talking about.  Then, as your joints feel better, you take more steps.  That leads to a heartier appetite, and you know to dump the sugar, which makes you feel good, so you invest in your mental health a little more.  The next thing you know, your creaky old knees don’t creak so much anymore.

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