Painful Pinched Nerves Lead to Extreme Discomfort

It’s estimated that nearly half of Americans will suffer from sciatic nerve pain during their lifetime.  But what causes sciatica?  What is the cure?  Why do so many people find discomfort?

Dr. Shayne Durbin, a chiropractor in Billings, helps us understand what this nerve pain is all about, and how we can find relief from it.

What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve bundle in the human body.  It starts at the lower back, and runs down into each leg.  They split off as they descend essentially connecting every part of the lower body to the upper part of the body.

Sciatica is pain anywhere in this nerve system.  It can range from the lower legs, to the lower back, or anywhere in between.  It’s important to note, however, that not all nerve pain is due to sciatica.  True sciatica has directly affected the sciatic nerve, whereas there are many other sciatica-like conditions that feel similar, but have different origins.

How does Sciatica Start?

There’s no one cause for this type of pain.  However, there are a variety of lifestyle choices or factors that can lead to it.

Injury – Commonly, injuries can lead to sciatic nerve pain.  Herniated disks commonly lead to further pain and injuries down the road if they’re not corrected in time.

Disease – Some diseases, like degenerative disk or arthritis, can cause nerves to become pinched over time.

Conditions – Pregnancy can be considered a condition which puts undue pressure on different parts of the body.  This pressure, over time, can lead to pinched nerves.

Lifestyle – Sedentary lifestyles (which can lead to obesity and diabetes) tend to result in pinched nerves like sciatica.

The bottom line is that a wide range of factors can lead to pain that runs through the body.  This pain can go away on its own, with rest and time, but for many people it’s so discomforting that treatment is sought.  The good news is that surgery isn’t the only option.

How to Find Relief from Sciatica

A chiropractor can help you to locate the source of the sciatic pain.  The area that is pinching the nerve can be manipulated back into the proper position, and ultimately the sciatic nerve is repositioned to where it naturally should fall, and the pain is eliminated.

Usually, however, it’s not just one adjustment that is a magical cure for your pain.  These problems didn’t just appear suddenly, but are usually the result of a repeated stress that pulls the joints out of order.  Because the body has become so conditioned to being in the wrong position, it will want to go back to the wrong position until we can re-train it to stay in the right position.

You may experience some relief from sciatica pain on your first visit, but if the pain comes back, it isn’t because the treatment didn’t work, but rather it’s an ongoing process.

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