Your Billings Chiropractor can Help Tennis Elbow Recovery

Tennis elbow, which often has nothing to do with tennis, is a repetitive stress injury.  When you overuse any part of your body, you can injure it.  Without proper care, that injury can get worse and worse until permanent damage occurs.

Tennis elbow is caused by the constant swinging motion of the arm.  Think of it more as swinging a hammer, with that heavy emphasis on bending at the elbow.  The damage occurs on the outside of the elbow where the muscles, tendons, and ligaments attach.

How to Care for Tennis Elbow

The best thing you can do for tennis elbow is to rest it.  Stop using it so much, don’t do the thing that makes it hurt, and give it some time to heal before it gets worse.

If it’s aching a lot, use ice to help the swelling go down.  Maybe pop a couple of pills like ibuprofen.  Something that relieves the pain and can help reduce inflammation.

There are some braces available that can help to minimize the motion that your arm and elbow go through, and reduce the strain on the injury.

How a Chiropractor Helps Tennis Elbow

The body is connected at joints.  It’s pretty easy to see that as our arms bend at the elbow.

But when there is an injury, like tennis elbow, it causes inflammation, and can sometimes even push the joints out of alignment.  This further aggravates the issue, and can delay healing.

When a Billings Chiropractor comes in and helps to adjust the joint, it relieves pressure and reduces inflammation.  That reduced inflammation allows blood to flow more freely to the injured area.  Oxygen rich blood encourages healing so that you get back to feeling better faster, and can get back out there swinging a tennis racket, or hammer, or ice climb, or whatever you love to do using those elbows.

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