A Montana Chiropractor Adjusts by Season

Have you ever been talking to your uncle, and he starts rambling about how he can feel the weather change in his knees?  It’s not all hokey myths that he’s spouting, there’s a bit of science behind the aches and pains we get with different changes in our environment.

While there’s not much we can do about the changing weather, we take care of our joints so when the weather does start to change, we don’t have to grab our knees in pain and say, “Ooh boy, there’s a storm brewing!”

Air Pressure, Weather, and Your Joint Pain

Changes in weather are preceded by a change in barometric pressure.  You have probably watched the weather on TV as they talk about a high-pressure or low-pressure system moving in.  When the pressure is increasing, the air is compressing and warming.  Warm air can hold more moisture, so a high-pressure system is less likely to contain rain.

Low-pressure means the air is lifting and cooling.  The cooler air can’t hold as much moisture, so we get storms and precipitation.

Just as the pressure affects the air, it affects our bodies too.  Lower pressure on our bodies means our tissues can swell and expand.  In a damaged or arthritic joint, that expansion creates pressure and ultimately pain.  If the pressure is higher, it compresses our bodies, forcing tissues to contract, and have less pain.

Regular adjustments can help you maintain your joints so no matter what the air pressure is doing, the body can operate optimally.

Air Pressure, Altitude, and Your Joint Pain

High- and low-pressure systems are one way to adjust the amount of atmospheric (also called barometric) pressure on the body.  But elevation also plays a role.

Have you ever been swimming, and dove down a few feet to where your ears hurt?  It’s because there is more pressure from the water above you.  Air is much less dense than water, so we don’t notice the changes nearly as much.  But at sea level, there is more air above you and the pressure is higher than if you head to the top of the Beartooth Pass.  More, and less, air above you adjusts the air pressure around you and can have a similar effect on your joints.

How a Billings Chiropractor Helps with that Join Pain

Whether you have seasonal, or climate induced, pain in your joints, or you have constant pain because of that old soccer injury from when you were a kid, a Billings chiropractor is how you can ensure the body is going to be happy and healthy.

Regular adjustments are necessary for nearly everyone out there – from kids to senior citizens.  But most people don’t think of being adjusted until they’re experiencing pain.  By coming to see Dr. Shayne Durbin, a chiropractor in Billings, once a month, you can keep pain to a minimum when that pressure change makes things flare up.

Call our offices at 406-545-2128, or fill out the appointment request form and we’ll get you in to be adjusted.

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