Mental Health and Physical Health go Together

Often, physical health is prioritized over mental health.  But the brain is part of the body, and when either one isn’t functioning optimally, the other suffers.

Keeping your physical body in good health, with the help of chiropractic care, is a great way to ensure that your mental health has the boost that it needs to function optimally.  Let’s dive in and see how a chiropractor in Billings explains what is going on in these situations.

How Chiropractic Care Helps with Mental Health

When your body is working properly, your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to overcome difficulties.  Here is how that works.

Reduced Stress – Pain leads to stress.  But the funny thing is that stress can actually cause illnesses and injuries to take longer to heal.  Because you’re not healing as quickly as possible, you end up with more stress.  Visiting a chiropractor can hasten the healing process by getting everything back in line how it’s supposed to be.  Then, as you heal faster, your stress levels diminish.

Better Sleep – Have you ever woken in the night and been in so much pain, you struggle to fall back asleep?  Have you ever rolled over in your sleep, and pain in your joints flared up rousing you from your slumber?  When things are pain free, or pain reduced, you sleep better.  A full night’s rest (that is 7 to 8 hours – no matter what people may tell you, they’re not optimally functioning on less than that) will help your mind think more clearly, and your mental health improve.

Reduced Pain – Naturally ensuring your joints are aligned will help to reduce the pain.  And we know that reduced pain means less stress.  But there’s more to it than that.  Have you ever sprained your ankle, and then hobbled around for a while?  It’s frustrating, right?  That frustration can lead to anxiety, anger, and more.  Those emotions might end up causing further physical problems.

Mental Clarity – Distractions keep us from focusing on a task.  Sometimes those distractions are physical limitations.  If you get the body working just right, your pain and discomfort are reduced.  When your pain and discomfort are reduced, you have fewer distractions that will keep you from the task at hand.

Come See Dr. Shayne Durbin Chiropractor in Billings

Dr. Shayne Durbin provides chiropractic care to the Billings community.  Maybe you are an athlete, and you have been injured playing your sport of choice, or if you haven’t been injured and want to make sure your body is all in order so you are less likely to get injured in the future, then let’s visit.

Perhaps you are a professional, and you sit at a desk all day long.  That can have serious effects on the spine.  We should visit.

Maybe you work in the trades, and your job puts your body through the ringer.  We should visit.

Or maybe none of the above apply, and you just want to ensure overall physical and mental health are at their best.  We should still visit!

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