Pain often Stems from another Source

You probably know that our bodies are all interconnected.  Even our minds are connected to the body; the latest studies are saying the bodymind or mindbody connection, instead of the mind-body connection – a subtle difference but it shows that our mind is part of our body and our bodies include the mind.

So, what’s that have to do with pain in the back?

It’s because often we experience pain because of a problem somewhere else.  Our backs ache because our feet aren’t doing their job properly.  Think of it like this: if the toilet on the second-floor leaks, the water will flood the basement.  But the issue isn’t in the basement – it’s upstairs where the toilet needs repaired.

How Your Feet Cause Back Pain

How does something as inconsequential as a foot lead to back pain?  It’s a bit of a chain reaction.  When one part of the body isn’t moving optimally, it causes adjustments throughout the rest of the body.

Suppose you’re flat-footed.  It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but your fallen arch causes your foot and ankle to tilt inward just a smidge.

That ankle tilt means your lower leg to also tilt inward, and your pelvis to tilt forward.

When the pelvis tilts forward, it causes undue stress on the lower back.  Keep that up all day long, and the symptom of a fallen arch is pain in the back – the source is quite the distance from the pain you experience in your back!

How to Treat Back Pain

If your feet are causing the back pain, how do we take care of that?

It’s just like that chain reaction that goes from the feet to the spine, but we’ll fix it up in reverse.

Adjusting your spine can temporarily alleviate the pain you’re feeling.  But without taking care of everything else, the pain will just come right back.

So, we’ll work our way down.  Adjust the pelvis, knees, and ankles so they’re back in place.  Finally, when we get to the foot, we determine why you have flat feet.  Often, it’s due to an injury that didn’t heal properly.  Those tendons may have stretched and healed with the foot being flat.

To remedy this, we have to push the bones back into place, and strengthen the foot so the tendons tighten up and return the arch.  As the arch returns, the alignment throughout the body stays, and the back pain goes away.

Come See Dr. Shayne Durbin Chiropractor in Billings

If you’re suffering from back pain, let’s get you adjusted by a Billings Chiropractor.  While you’re here, we’ll figure out where that pain is coming from, and work to remedy the entire body.  We’re not about to put a band aid on the issue (that is, adjust the back and leave the cause un-cared for).

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