Chiropractic Care can Help with Sleep Problems

Modern medicine is great. But the modern lifestyle can tend to lead us into many more health problems than we previously dealt with.  One issue that plagues 40% of adults in the US, is sleep deprivation.  While the causes are many, some of them stem from easily corrected joint issues.

How Your Chiropractor Helps with Trouble Sleeping

Of course, there are other issues that come into play that a chiropractor won’t be able to help with.  Cancer, mental illness, and even just your mind trying to process the day and week can all be factors that lead to restless nights.

There are, however, many ways that your chiropractor visits will help reduce your sleep problems.

  • Pain Reduction – Pain and discomfort can lead to the inability to get comfortable at night. If the pain is gone, the body can rest and relax.
  • Improved Circulation – When the heart is working hard to distribute blood throughout the body, the body overall has a hard time relaxing. Chiropractor visits help everything work together efficiently.
  • Posture Correction – Poor posture can cause aching joints. When the posture is corrected, the body will hold itself in a better position and lead to fewer aches and pains in the morning.
  • Stress Reduction – We have enough on our plates, we don’t need to stress overnight as well. Our bodies tend to hold the stress we create, so let’s release the stress from the bodies and the mind will follow.

Treating the cause of the issue helps the body to heal and overcome the issues it is facing.

What Happens if I am Sleep Deprived?

Chronic illness and tragic accidents are often the result of those who are sleep deprived.

Some people like to jokingly say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”  And others truly mean that they don’t worry about the lack of sleep today, because they’ll catch up another time.  The body, however, doesn’t really work like that.

Not sleeping soundly leads to all sorts of other issues like:

  • Heart Disease – Lack of sleep correlates with an increased risk of heart disease (which includes heart attacks).
  • Kidney Disease – Sleep deprivation correlates with an increased risk of kidney disease.
  • Stroke – Those who are sleep deprived are more likely to suffer from a stroke.
  • Obesity – Sleep deprivation can make it harder to lose weight.
  • Depression – Depression, and other mental illnesses, tend to worsen with sleep deprivation.
  • Accidents – Our minds don’t function nearly as well when we’re tired; accidents are more likely.

There are many instances where major wrecks, even nuclear meltdowns, have occurred because of sleep deprivation.

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