Regular Visits to Your Chiropractor can Boost Your Mood

Do you ever feel down in the dumps?  We’re not talking about suffering from major depressive disorders, help with those feelings are best handled by a mental health professional.  What we are talking about is just those lethargic feelings.  A little bit of “blah” when everything is otherwise going well.  They come and go, and they’re just the natural ebb and flow of feeling emotions as a human.

That doesn’t, however, mean they’re any fun!

We all want to feel better emotionally, and most people will try to manipulate the way they feel.  Sometimes they do it in a positive and healthy way – by exercising, spending time with friends, or engaging in hobbies.  Other times, it’s not so healthy – drinking alcohol, overeating, or isolating.

But did you know that visiting your chiropractor regularly can help to improve your mood?  Dr. Shayne Durbin, a chiropractor in Billings, tells us how that all works.

Mood Booster from a Chiropractic Visit

There are a number of ways your visits can help improve your mood.  Not all of them will apply to everyone, and sometimes they simply won’t do anything.  But most people will feel better after they have come to a chiropractor.

  • Lower Your Blood Pressure – A study was conducted in Chicago that treated 50 people with misaligned Atlas vertebra and high blood pressure. After their treatment, their blood pressure decreased significantly: the equivalent of taking two blood pressure drugs at once.

Lower blood pressure helps to lower stress levels.  Lower stress levels help improve mental health and decrease the risks of experiencing anxiety and depression.

  • Decrease Your Pain Levels – As an adult, you know that pain is just a part of being alive. You go to bed feeling great, and you wake up with aches and pains.  Chronic pain, however, can often be treated.  Regular chiropractic visits can alleviate the pain, or even treat the cause and get rid of it all together.

We’ve all been there.  You’re sick and grumpy.  Your sore and grumpy.  Something hurts and you’re grumpy.  Getting rid of pain means less grumpiness.

  • Improve Your Sleep – Along those lines of getting rid of aches and pains, many of us don’t sleep well because of the aches and pains. When we finally fall asleep, we roll over in our slumber and the pain jolts us awake.  Staying asleep through the night, it seems, is a thing of the past.

Treating that pain can help you get to sleep faster, and stay asleep longer.  Now, with plenty of rest, you’re not quite so grumpy.

  • Let Your Immune System Function Optimally – Our immune system is quite the marvelous, and intricate, network. When one part of it isn’t working as it should, it can throw all sorts of things out of whack.  A pinched nerve here, may affect pain or inability to function properly there.

An aligned spine ensures that information is flowing freely from your head to your toes.  When the body isn’t working as hard just to survive, it’s putting energy toward things that make us a little bit happier.

Come See Your Local Chiropractor in Billings

Let’s get you on the schedule for a better mood.  Regardless of whether you’re just in a slump, or you’re absolutely irritated that your chronic pain simply won’t go away, we’ll help take care of things so your mental health can improve and ready to tackle the day.

Call our office at 406-545-2128, or fill out our appointment request form, and we’ll get you scheduled for a happier day.

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