How Proper Alignment Leads to Better Mental Health

Often, we tend to separate mental health and physical health.  Not only that, but we tend to separate physical health into even more categories – we have health insurance, but that doesn’t cover the teeth or eyes.  For whatever reason those aren’t deemed parts of the body and require separate policies.

Even more separated from health insurance is mental health.  With few physical symptoms, mental health is left in a category all its own.  One that’s often neglected and forgotten.  When handled sooner, mental health issues can be taken care of before they turn into big problems.

Some of that can be handled through chiropractic care.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Mental Health

Have you ever suffered from ongoing pain?  Not even chronic pain, but something that lasts for a significant period of time?

That physical pain can lead to serious mental stumbling blocks.

Here’s a quick scenario.  Suppose your knee joints are out of alignment, so you compensate with a little bit of a limp.  This causes undue strain on your back, and you find yourself suffering from ongoing back pain.  As the pain saps your energy, those close to you find that you’re more irritable.  You’re grumpy, grouchy, and are a little less nice with those you love.

Or perhaps your ongoing pain doesn’t lead to you being a complete jerk to those you love, but instead causes you to withdraw from them.

Now, instead of going out to coffee with your friend, you stay home.  Instead of hitting up the golf course, you watch a movie alone.  Instead of doing anything, you curl into a ball and cry.  The physical pain leads to mental depression – we are, after all, social creatures and even those who are the most comfortable being alone still need some human-to-human contact.

An Adjustment can Make a Mental Difference

Taking care of our bodies is more than just eating right and sleeping enough.  Although both of those do have proven physical and mental health benefits.

Reducing that ongoing, or even chronic, pain is a big step to ensuring that we are functioning optimally both physically and mentally.  And that’s why your Billings Chiropractor wants to ensure you are adjusted properly, and functioning optimally.

Come See Dr. Shayne Durbin – Chiropractor in Billings

Will a visit to the chiropractor help you heal from everything?  Likely not.  But it’s an easy step to staying mentally healthy and physically healthy.

Many people are walking around with misaligned joints and pain they don’t have to be enduring.  So, let’s get you in the office, get you adjusted, and see how your life changes.

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