Bad Posture can lead to Back and Neck Pain

Our parents have told us, at some point or another, to “sit up straight.”

Naturally we slouched down further as soon as they were out of sight.

But that parental advice wasn’t just to get us to do as they told us.  Instead, it was good advice to keep your back and neck feeling and functioning properly.

How our Posture Affects our Joints

Posture is more than just the position we sit in.  It has to do with how we hold our bodies while sitting, lying down, standing, and even moving during a walk or a run.

Bad posture can create unnecessary stress on our joints.  That stress, when left for too long, becomes a “habit” and causes pain.

To avoid pain, and keep our joints happy and healthy, a proper posture encourages all things to line up nicely, and keep our muscles and joints from taking the brunt of the weight; instead everything should just kind of sit nicely on top of the other.

The Proper Sitting Posture

Since there are so many people that suffer from back and neck pain caused by sitting in an office chair all day long, we’re going to focus on that posture first.

Feet:  Keep them flat on the floor instead of crossed or tucked back behind you.

Knees: Bend 90 degrees so that your feet and ankles are immediately below the knee, or slightly in front of them.

Back: Back should be straight, using the back rest for your chair to help support everything.

Shoulders: Relax!  Let your shoulders rest and relieve that upper back tension.

Neck: Hold your head so that you face immediately forward.  If your computer screen is too low, or too high, it can cause strain on your neck.

To determine proper screen height, pay attention to your chin.  Is it pushed down too far, almost into your neck?  Then your screen is too low.  Is it pointed forward as though you’re actually pointing with it? Your screen is too high.

When your posture is correct, your joints are happy, and less likely to wear out and become arthritic.

Come see a Chiropractor in Billings for Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are signs that something isn’t just right in your body.

Don’t worry, all is not lost.  It’s just time to come in and see your chiropractor in Billings and get an adjustment.

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