Why Chiropractic Care is Essential after a Wreck

There are thousands of wrecks every day.  Many of them are minor car accidents, just fender benders, and people walk away without thinking anything of the occurrence… at least not how it has affected their health.  But those minor wrecks can lead to bigger problems

Here are 3 reasons you will want to visit a Billings Chiropractor after a minor car accident.

Most Injuries Show Up Later

At the time of the wreck, your adrenaline is pumping.  It overrides a lot of the pain signals that your body is sending.  There are many people who skip medical care because they don’t think they were actually injured.

But what happens with chiropractic care, your joints are out of alignment.  The body compensates for this, and overrides those injuries for as long as it can.  But as you know, a misaligned joint will lead to other problems in the body.  By that time, there is much more to correct than the initial injury.

Your Potential Case Depends on it

If you were the victim of the accident, then you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.  Long-term medical issues, however, do arise.  And there can be problems that happen if you’re not treated properly after an accident.

Chiropractic care might take years to fully fix the issues that happened in the accident.  Without immediate documentation that you sought medical treatment after a minor car accident, the personal injury case may not be settled in a manner that fully covers your losses.

It’s best to get the care right away, so that you don’t have worries later.

Insurance Might Not Cover if You Wait

Along those lines, medical coverage on an auto accident should take care of the hospital (and chiropractor) bills that come up.

But if you wait a few weeks, or a month, before you head into the chiropractor to get your joints lined back up, the insurance company may not cover that as a result of the accident.  After all, there is a lot that happens in a few weeks.  That injury, while may have been sustained in the minor car accident, can’t be proven to have occurred in the accident.

Come to See a Chiropractor in Billings after a Minor Car Accident

A Billings chiropractor can help to realign the body so that overall healing is faster and more complete.  The longer you wait, and just live with the pain, the longer it will take before complete healing happens.

Come see Dr. Shayne Durbin, a chiropractor in Billings, if you have any pain going on.  Call us at 406-545-2128, or fill out our appointment request form and we’ll get you scheduled.

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