The What, How, and Why of Seeing a Chiropractor

For a long time, chiropractors got a bad rap.  Perhaps it was an intentional boycotting by the hospitals, perhaps it was because people just didn’t know better or understand the practice, perhaps it was malicious rumors spread by aliens.  The point is, a lot of people don’t fully understand what a chiropractor does (more than “crack” backs), how they do it (it’s not voodoo), or why they should see a local chiropractor (the reasons are many).

Let’s clear some of that up – perhaps visiting a Chiropractor in Billings will help improve your quality of life this year.

What Exactly is Chiropractic Care?

The word “Chiropractor” literally stems from the Greek words meaning “hand” and “done.”  In other words, healing that’s done with the hands.  There’s no medication, no surgery, generally no super specialized equipment (although some chiropractors use different tools – adjustment tools and laser therapy).

For the most part, however, chiropractic care is using the hands to manipulate the body’s joints back into place where they function optimally and are not causing you pain.

When Should You See a Chiropractor?

There are two reasons to visit a chiropractor: healing from an injury and preventing an injury.

When you’re experiencing pain, usually in the back and neck region, you see a chiropractor to get you all lined up.  This pain might not originate in the back and neck (back pain is often due to knee or hip issues), but that’s where the problem is manifesting.  A good chiropractor will know how to treat the cause of the pain, and not just reduce the symptoms.

For many people they keep visiting their local chiropractor long after the pain has subsided.  This helps to ensure that they are adjusted properly so they can prevent a major injury from happening.  Pain is usually the last symptom to show up, so when you’re having pain, there’s already a problem going on.

Who Is Chiropractic Care For?

Dr. Shayne Durbin treats all sorts of patients – from babies to elderly adults (read about baby and kids adjustments).  We have a big focus on athletes, because Dr. Durbin is an athlete himself, taking part in all that Montana has to offer from running, to backpacking, to hunting.

The bottom line: chiropractic care is for those who need adjusted to ensure their bodies are working optimally for them.

What to Expect after Your First Chiropractor Visit

All offices are going to be different – some will insist on taking x-rays to see exactly how your joints are aligned (or misaligned).

In our offices, your first visit will be a little longer than any subsequent visits.  We want to get to know you, know your lifestyle, understand what you’re experiencing, and where your body is having issues.  This comprehensive exam will allow us to “see” where the problems are.  Like we said, that pain your back might be due to the shoes that you’re wearing – not a back issue at all (except that’s where it hurts).

An adjustment will align your bones, and you’ll be all set!  Well, mostly.

If you have been experiencing pain for quite some time, your body will naturally “pull” your joints out of alignment.  The pain will come back.  Maybe not tomorrow or this week, but it creeps back in.

Our goal is to not overtreat, nor undertreat, you.  So, we find that nice happy medium where you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck, and then regular visits keeps your body a finely tuned specimen.

Dr. Shayne Durbin – Chiropractor in Billings

Ready to live a life with less pain?  To get back on the saddle (literally, if horse riding is your thing)?  Ready to discover what properly aligned joints can feel like?

Let’s get you in for a visit.  Call us at 406-545-2128, or fill out the appointment request form on our site – we’ll get you in to see what chiropractic care can do for you.  We work with most insurances, so this might not cost you a thing out-of-pocket!

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