These Stretches Can Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility

It’s often hard to get to the gym.  But that’s not an excuse to let your body slip into disarray! As your chiropractor in Billings, Montana, my goal is to ensure that you have the tools you need to be healthy.

With the help of a simple foam roller (they cost $10-$20 on the low end; you don’t need anything fancy), you can keep your back stretched and ready to move.

In this video, I outline three simple at home exercises to keep your back and chest stretched so you can have less pain, more mobility, and be healthier.

Watch the minute long video, and a description of each exercise and the benefits is below.

Thread the Needle – Thread the needle can technically be done without the roller, but it’s easier to glide your hand and arm with it.  This simple stretch slowly twists your neck and back, and helps to relieve tension.  At the same time you’re stretching the shoulders, and mobilizing your upper back.

Best of all, it’s a variation of a yoga pose, and many people find it to be quite relaxing.

Thoracic Extensions – Your thoracic back (the vertebrae that run from the base of your neck to about the bottom of your rib cage) is essential for all upper body movement.  Lift your arms over your head, that wouldn’t be possible if your thoracic spine was stiff or immobile.

This exercise will help improve thoracic mobility, while strengthening and engaging your core muscles.  But one of the key takeaways from this exercise is that you will be able to pinpoint mobility issues; is the mobility a problem with the upper back or the lower?

Chest Expansions – We may see the chest as the opposite of the back, but the two rely on each other greatly.  Chest expansions (which can be done standing, using a foam roller, or with machines) help to open the chest up.  Doing so stretches the muscles, but also counteract a rounded back.

We often bring our arms in (think of giving yourself a hug), but don’t spread them out as much.  This helps stretch muscles back the other way and improve mobility.

Come See Dr. Shayne Durbin a Billings Chiropractor

Injuries can be caused by a lifetime of poor mobility, or a one –time trauma.  Regardless of how it happened, you need to get your body back in alignment; then keep it in alignment and improve mobility with proper exercises.

If you’re feeling stiff, immobile, or have some aches and pains, set up an appointment today, and let’s get you back to moving freely.

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