5 Issues that Come up from Prolonged Sitting

Our bodies were made to move.

When we stop moving for a considerable length of time, things don’t function as well as they do when we’re on our feet moving throughout the day.

Sitting all day long, however, is a “requirement” for many jobs.  Without proper care, issues can come up.  We’ve put together a list 5 issues you can face when you sit for too long.

You Have Less Energy

It sounds counter-intuitive.  If you have been sitting all day, you would think that you should be well rested and ready for action.  But really, the opposite happens.  Moving less “trains” your body that you don’t need as much energy as you actually do.  In the end, you don’t have as much energy as you would like.

Your Posture May Suffer Leading to Chronic Pain

Most people don’t sit properly.  We hunch over, we slouch, we lean, and otherwise put undue stress on our joints.  Even if you have taken the time to sit properly, and maintain the proper posture, you are putting a lot of pressure on your lower back.

You Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease

Less movement causes your heart to weaken.  A weaker heart is more susceptible to damage than one that’s strong.

Mental Health Suffers

Normally sitting is done indoors and in a rather solitary environment.  If you’re at your desk, and most of your interactions are limited to online, your social skills and your mental health can take a hit.

Your Metabolism Slows

As your body gets used to not moving as often, it learns to store up fat instead of burning it away.  Staying active speeds everything up; sedentary living slows it down.

Get up and Move

If your job requires sitting all day long, you have to get a little creative on how you can get those steps in to maintain your health.  It involves getting up and moving as much as possible!

A few ways you can do that:

  • Schedule a walking break at least twice a day
  • Use a portion of your lunch hour to get up and move
  • Bike or walk to work in the mornings
  • Incorporate walks and exercise into your evening routine
  • Use a standing desk

There are many ways to incorporate movement into your day.  It might take a little outside the box thinking.

Come See Your Billings Chiropractor for Joint Pain

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