Why Athletes Excel with Regular Chiropractor Visits

If you’re an athlete, you likely have a story where you won by milliseconds, or a fraction of an inch.  Where you had that edge to knock off the competition and take home the trophy.  Most of that edge comes from training, equipment, mental fortitude and dedication.  But there is another way to gain the upper hand when everything else is equal.

Athletes that have regular chiropractic care know it’s more than just treating injuries: it’s about setting their body up to operate optimally.

The Five Benefits a Chiropractor Provides an Athlete

There’s more to chiropractic care than just getting those joints aligned.  It’s all about getting the body in peak shape for peak performance.

Precision Alignment

Think of the athlete’s body as a finely tuned machine.  Every joint, ligament, and muscle work together to achieve amazing feats of strength.  Just as you would take your racecar into the mechanic to ensure mechanical performance, you bring your body to the chiropractor to ensure physical performance.

Regularly visiting your chiropractor in Billings means that your body is adjusted properly, and tuned to specifically to make sure your athletic performance is at the top.

Injury Prevention

There’s a fine line between pushing the limits, and injuring your body.  As an athlete, you know how to get to the line and hopefully not go over it.  A chiropractor can help you move that line just a little bit further, so you can achieve just a little bit more.  Regular adjustments mean that you are less likely to be injured, your joints are more likely to perform optimally, and you can get just a little bit more from your body.

Chiropractic care is more than just treating injuries; it’s making sure they don’t happen in the first place.

Enhanced Motion

Imagine you’re a runner and you are up against someone that is exactly the same as you.  Same size, same strength, same mental fortitude.  If everything is the same, then it’s reasonable to say that you would run the race and finish at exactly the same time.

Now, imagine if you were able to achieve a tiny margin in your favor.  Just a bit more flexibility, just a fraction of an inch longer in each stride, and a tiny bit greater reach.  You suddenly tip the scales in your favor because your body can move just a little bit better than the opponent.

Neurological Optimization

A great athlete knows that it often comes down to mind over matter.  Mental toughness can give you the edge to beat out a competitor that is actually better than you are.  So how does a chiropractor help to create that mental fortitude?

When you are aligned, your nervous system is working optimally.  When you brain can focus on the end goal, on the prize, you don’t have to worry about those little tics, quirks, or pains.  A heightened awareness to what’s going on around you means you gain just a bit of an edge on the field, track, court, or mountain.

Faster Recovery

When you’re pushing yourself to the limit, there will be times that you push just a bit too hard.  You cross that line and you get injured.  As an athlete you know that an injury takes time to heal, that time can mean sitting out a game or two – or it can mean sitting out the rest of the season… or worse.

If you are current on your chiropractor visits, however, that healing time can be shortened.  Better blood flow, reduced inflammation, and better tissue repair means that you can recover faster, get back to training sooner, and back into the game stronger than ever.

Dr. Shayne Durbin Provides a Holistic Approach

A lot of modern medicine throws bandages on issues.  Instead of making sure everything is properly aligned and functioning, the pain is masked to push harder and harder.  We all know that is setting yourself up for a career-ending injury.

By taking a holistic approach, one that accounts for the body’s natural functioning and the mind-body connection, Dr. Shayne Durbing – a chiropractor in Billings – helps you become the best you can be.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?  Call us at 406-545-2128, or fill out the appointment request form, and let’s get you adjusted so you can be the best athlete possible.

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