Chiropractic Care Adjusts Away the Stress and Tension

As we enter in November, we’re getting ready for the changing seasons.  The leaves will finish dropping from the trees, we’ll stuff ourselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and who knows what else, we’ll bemoan the snow, and then literally get in fist fights with fellow shoppers as we grapple for that big screen TV.

Along with these new seasons come new issues that can affect our health.  While eating way too much at Thanksgiving, and then keeping that going for another whole month and indulging for Christmas is never going to be the best option, there are even more health problems that can creep in during the fall and winter.

As your chiropractor in Billings, let’s take a look at some of the common issues we see.

Sports Injuries

Fall sports start out in the warm weather, and continue into the snow.  This change in temperature can mean that while starting the season you feel great, injuries are more likely as the season progresses.

Warming up and stretching can help prevent issues with soft tissues.  But when you’re playing on snow or frozen ground, the joints can twist and buckle under the stress.

Before you’re injured, let a local chiropractor get your joints in place so you don’t have to worry about a long recovery and potentially retiring from your sport of choice if you are injured.

Seasonal Aches and Pains

The weather is getting cooler, and that means every old man with knee issues is saying, “Yep, snow’s a-coming, I can feel it in my knees!”  Arthritis jokes aside, there are issues that come along with the changing seasons.

If the wind is whipping, and there’s a nip in the air, you likely hunch down and shuffle a little more.  It’s our body’s natural response to stay warm when the weather outside is frightful.  That also means that you’re tensing up and potentially having tight muscles pull your joints out of whack.

Slips and Falls

Fallen leaves get slick when they’re wet.  Snow and ice are slick by nature.  Sometimes you can’t see the ice until you step right on it and your feet go shooting out from under you.  Sometimes you’re tearing down the street on your bicycle and hit a pile of wet leaves that sends you sprawling.

The point is, at some point in your life you’ll end up slipping and falling.  Most of the time your joints get bonked out of place when that happens.  A chiropractor near you can help get things back aligned.

Stress and Tension

Thanksgiving requires planning.  Christmas shopping is stressful.  Friends and family abound and can wear on your sanity.  That stress and tension may seem like it’s all in your head, but our bodies and minds are thoroughly connected.  When you get stressed, your body reacts.  When your body reacts, you can tighten up and feel badly all through your body.

Chiropractic care is all about holistic health.  It’s not about just giving you a pill so you can get by, it’s about addressing the issue.  A properly adjusted body is able to more thoroughly relax, and let that stress and tension flow away (after those annoying family members are gone, of course).

Cold and Flu

There’s a meme that floats around social media that talks about how we have a candy holiday (Halloween), then a pie holiday (Thanksgiving), then another holiday about pies and candy (Christmas).  All three of these over-saturate our bodies with sugar, and then we wonder why it’s cold and flu season.

Cold and flu season have a few more causes than just the over-consumption of sugar, but it’s true that we eat way more sugar than our bodies can effectively use.  Many chronic illnesses could be dramatically reduced if we dramatically reduced our sugar intake.

That sugar can lead to achy joints.  An adjustment won’t help heal you from a cold or the flu, but it can help your body feel better.  Just make sure you’re long past the contagious period before popping in for an adjustment from your chiropractor.

Come to Dr. Shayne Durbin – Chiropractor in Billings

Dr. Shayne Durbin has been serving as a Billings chiropractor for several years.  With a specialty that helps with athletes, he’s your choice for athletic chiropractor in Billings.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to be adjusted.

Call the office at 406-545-2128, or request an appointment online, and we’ll get you scheduled so you can enter the fall and winter feeling great and stave off as many injuries as possible.

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