Tips from a Billings Chiropractor for Healthy Holidays

We’re just about to enter a time of indulgence.  From Thanksgiving to Christmas, we gorge ourselves on turkey, pie, snacks, and drinks… then wonder why we didn’t hit our fitness goals for the year.  Suddenly, we’re inspired, and make another New Year’s Resolution to shed the pounds and be healthier.

How about we go into the holiday season without the notion of over-indulging?  Then, when the New Year rolls around, our commitment doesn’t have to be “Drop those pesky 25 pounds that I can’t seem to lose.” And instead, it can be, “Maintain this healthy lifestyle so I feel better and live longer.”

Let’s check in and see what Dr. Shayne Durbin, a chiropractor in Billings, has to say about staying fit this holiday season.

Combine Physical Activity with Eating Right

What it comes down to is eating right and keeping your body moving.  But not all foods are equal and not all exercises are either.  So, let’s see what you can do to stay fit, happy, and healthy.

Maintaining Limber Joints

Want to know the secret to keeping your joints limber?  Use them more!  One of the easiest ways to stretch daily.  You can do this anywhere, it only takes a couple of minutes, and you won’t even break a sweat.  Choose a few stretches, do them morning, noon, and evening, and your joints will be significantly better off.

Healthy Eating for Joints and Muscles

But it doesn’t stop at just stretching.  We know that come the holiday season, we are about to indulge in a lot of food.  Much of that is packed with carbs and sugars.  These carbs and sugars will lead to inflammation – and that causes joint pain.  Make sure to keep the treats to a minimum, and focus on the fresh veggies and proteins to keep yourself feeling healthy.  Water is your friend here; flush out the bad stuff by staying well hydrated.

Best Exercises when You’re Away from the Gym

If you’re in the habit of going to the gym regularly, you’ll need a good way to at least get a little bit of exercise.  Completely stopping your exercise during the holidays is a sure-fire way to not meet any fitness goals.  Check out one of our recent blogs to see a handful of good core body exercises that you can do anywhere.

Avoiding Holiday Injuries

Know your limits.  If you haven’t downhill skied in 20 years, don’t expect to shred down some double black diamonds and not have issues coming out the other end.  If you suffer from a weak back, throwing shovelfuls of snow isn’t going to be ideal.  Take it slow.  If you do get injured, have a chiropractor get you back in place.

Hydration and Joint Health

Most of us are chronically dehydrated.  There are a number of reasons for this; sometimes it’s just a matter of not wanting to be heading off to the bathroom every thirty minutes.  But your joints are made of cartilage – that cartilage is lubricated with water.  When you drink enough water, your joints stay well lubed and pain is reduced.

Get an Adjustment Before, and After, the Holidays

Heading into the holidays, make sure that you’re feeling great before you enjoy the festivities.  Then, even if you’re not injured, you can get adjusted again after the season is over.

How?  Well, first you just call our office at 406-545-2128.  You can also request a time through our online appointment request feature and we’ll get you scheduled.

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