Why We Look at Both to Fix a Spinal Problem

You have heard the quirky song “Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones” right?  You know, “The hip bone’s connected to the, back bone. The back bone’s connected to the, neck bone…”  It’s pretty basic, but it is more or less a nursery rhyme after all.

But it makes a great point; all our bones are connected to each other.  And when one gets out of whack, it can end up making something else get all out of whack.

As a chiropractor in Billings, Montana, that’s what I refer to when I say primary and secondary problems.  The primary problem causes a secondary problem that seems to be more severe.  But if you only fix the secondary, it will continue to come back.

Take a look at this half minute long video to see what I mean.

In the video you can see that at the base of the spine the “hip bone” from our nursery rhyme is actually made up of a few different bones.  On either side of the spine are the ilium bones.  Where the ilium connects to the “back bone” is called the SI joint.

When the SI joint is “out of whack” it doesn’t move like it should.  But your body still needs to move, so your “back bone,” or specifically the L5 vertebrae, will move to make up for it in a manner that this joint isn’t supposed to move.

The result is that the secondary spinal problem caused by the L5 needs to be corrected, but the SI joint needs to be corrected as well in order to prevent that spinal problem from recurring.

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