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Let’s Take a Look at Why

Over the years, chiropractors have gotten a bad rap.  Why is that?  Well, it doesn’t help that some of the older styles of chiropractic care were directed more toward making the most money, rather than doing the most good.

That happens when you visit a local chiropractor, they adjust you, and then tell you that you should come in three times a week for the next six months to make sure all is well.  Could this be necessary?  Maybe.  Is it often necessary?  Nope.

Besides this school of thought, why is it that a Gallup Poll shows that 26% of adults would be “Not Likely At All” to visit a chiropractor for back and neck pain?  Let’s look at a few of the common reasons.

A “Real” Doctor will be More Effective

We’ll just assume that by “real” this person means “medical” – just like medical doctors, chiropractors have also earned a doctorate degree.  The misconception here is that we have been told, for many decades now, that if you have an ailment, then you head to the hospital.

The truth is that often medical doctors aren’t the right person to treat what ails you.  There certainly are times when a local chiropractor can’t help (one that’s worth his or her clout will tell you that they’re not the right doctor for you), but there are plenty of other times when you don’t need extensive medical treatment: you just need your joints put back in place.

My Pain is Too Complicated for a Chiropractor

Pain management is one of the biggest reasons to see a chiropractor.  Instead of popping some Tylenol (or whatever your pain reliever medicine of choice is), let’s fix the issue!  Pain pills merely mask what’s going on, as soon as they wear off the pain will return.

The irony is that often people don’t know what’s causing the pain.  Sometimes a misaligned ankle can be causing hip pain – it’s not always obvious.  A chiropractor can see how the entire body works together, and adjusting one part can lead to pain relief elsewhere.

This is a Chronic, Ongoing, Issue

We have had patients come in that have been dealing with pain for years.  Sometimes it stems from an injury they incurred decades ago, and they have basically given up hope of being able to live pain free.  Then, on a recommendation, they seek chiropractic care.

I won’t say “suddenly they’re pain free” because often it’s not sudden.  Sometimes one adjustment relieves pain, but after living with misaligned joints for years, it can take multiple adjustments to get things to line up, and stay lined up.

The bottom line is that chronic pain indicates a deeper issue: one that many chiropractors can help solve.

I Already Exercise and Eat Right

There are two parts to maintaining good health and living pain free.  First, you have to make sure that everything is in order.  Chiropractors help with the bones side of things, medical doctors help treating other maladies.  When all of that is going well, then maintaining good health with proper diet and exercise is the best way to stay healthy.

If you’re already eating well and exercising, but you’re experiencing a lot of pain, then it’s likely that there is something else going on.  A chiropractor can help alleviate some of that pain, or give you a good recommendation to a medical doctor that can take a closer look and figure out what’s up.

There’s no Science Behind Chiropractic Care

We have known what the human skeleton looks like for thousands of years.  And we have known that when bones aren’t aligned, they cause fatigue, pain, and other issues.  The idea that there’s no science behind chiropractic care is like saying there’s no science behind taking Tylenol.

This can go back to the old-school chiropractic care issues.  When the doctor wouldn’t explain what’s going on or why treatment is necessary.  If you visit a chiropractor and they won’t tell you why you need multiple adjustments, or explain what the adjustment is doing, then it’s probably not a good doctor to see.

It’s Too Expensive/My Insurance Won’t Cover It

Medical insurance is convoluted.  So mixed up that up to 80% distrust the entire healthcare system because of how it’s funded and how insurance works.  If you walk into the doctor’s office, and they say five words to you, you’re hit with a bill into the hundreds of dollars.  There’s no transparency and you don’t know what your bill will be until you receive it.

Chiropractic care, at least here with Dr. Shayne Durbin, operates differently.  We accept a large number of insurances, and our billing is transparent and up-front.  You’ll know before you receive your adjustment what the cost will be.

Come See how it Works with Dr. Shayne Durbin – Local Chiropractor in Billings, Montana

We don’t want to undertreat you, nor over-treat you.  That means if you’re coming in every three days, you’re probably being over-treated.  If you’re coming in every three years, you’re probably being undertreated.  We want to do just enough to keep you on track, pain free (as much as possible), and living your best life.

Still skeptical?

Let’s give it a try.  If you have pain, come on in for two or three adjustments.  If nothing gets better, then what ails you may need a medical doctor to intervene.  Give us a call at 406-545-2128 and we’ll get you schedule – you can always fill out the online appointment request form, and we can get things worked out that way.

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