Your Billings Chiropractor Weighs In on Popping Your Neck and Back

We’ve all done it at one point or another.  You sit in a chair and push back against it.  Then, snap, crackle, and pop, it feels like every vertebra in your back moves.  And it feels really good, right?

Or perhaps your neck is feeling a bit tight.  There’s something not quite in alignment, so you put your palm under your chin, or you grab the top of your head and yank it so it pops.

What usually happens, is that you’re not quite getting to the root of the problem and addressing the issue of neck or back pain.

Watch this video for information, and I apologize for the low quality; it was filmed with a potato.

So what we can see is that the stuck joint isn’t going to be the one that’s moving.  It will be above or below the problem spot.  But it still feels good to do it, because of the endogenous morphine released.

Endogenous is just a fancy word that means from an inner origin, or internal cause.  You’re not taking any external morphine here.

Morphine, as we know from the opiate medication, is a pain killer.  But it’s also produced naturally in our bodies (a bit different than the highly potent drip stuff you get at the hospital though).  So, when we pop our own neck, we release a little bit of that morphine and make things feel good because the pain suddenly goes away.

It won’t stay away, though, until you get in to see your Chiropractor in Billings to fix the actual problem.

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