Why Winter is a Good Time for an Adjustment

It’s been about a month since our nice fall weather was quickly replaced by some freezing temps.  And it doesn’t look like Old Man Winter is going to leave any time soon.  That means we’re all bundled up, trying not to slip on the ice, and frantically clearing the snow from our walkways since it’s not getting warm enough to melt off in the daytime.

That cold also means that it’s time to come see a chiropractor in Billings.  One that can help keep those joints moving, reduce the pain you experience, and prevent injuries when you’re having fun in the snow.

Why Does my Knee Hurt in the Cold?

Remember around Christmas, when your crazy uncle would complain of an impending snow storm.  When you asked him how he knew, he would say that every time his knee hurts, the weather was about to turn.

It’s not just folklore and myth.  That knee pain does have to do with the weather.  As the barometric pressure drops, the tissues in our joints expands just a bit.  That expansion is enough to cause pain.

How do we relieve that pain?  Through a visit to the chiropractor of course!  Adjusting those joints will allow the tissues and fluids to move much more freely.  Then, if there is expansion and contraction, the well-functioning joints will have the room they need to expand and contract.

Why is Winter the Time to See a Chiropractor?

Winter is a time where we often hunker down.  We’re not out there playing in the yard, gardening, hiking the mountains, and otherwise getting all the movement we often do in the warmer months.

The movement we do is confined by bulky clothing, hazarded by ice walkways, and often sudden and exerting on muscles and joints we haven’t used since last winter.  I’m talking about shoveling snow with that tidbit.

So, when the cold weather comes, and our bodies are tensed up trying to keep warm, and we have restricted movement due to clothing, and we’re balancing on slippery slopes, the likelihood of hurting ourselves goes way up.

An adjustment will help keep your body in good shape, and less likely to get hurt on the ice.

Will the Cold Weather Last Forever?

It certainly seems that way.  And maybe this year will be different.  Maybe this year will be the year of Endless Winter.

Dr. Shayne Durbin; Chiropractor in Billings

Of course, some people like the cold and the snow.  They’re out there slaying it on the ski mountain, ice climbing, bobsledding, and trekking through the wilderness living in snow shelters.

For those, and the sane people who are sitting by a cozy fire, come see Dr. Shayne Durbin.  Get adjusted, get back out there, and get rid of the pain that’s been plaguing you.

Call us at 406-545-2128, or fill out an appointment request, and we’ll get you scheduled quickly.

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