Doctors Don’t Mind it, They Encourage Healthy Living

Do you suffer from mid back tightness toward the end of a long day?  Sometimes it’s from being in an office chair too long, or bending over at just the wrong angle.

Whatever the reason for your sore back, one of our first responses is to reach for the bottle of Advil to numb the pain.  Fortunately, there’s a drug free method that can help keep your back in good bending condition, all it takes is a towel and some simple stretching.

Check out the video from your chiropractor in Billings to see what it’s all about.

How this Mid Back Stretch Works

Using the towel to apply opposite pressure, this stretch helps to strengthen and loosen the back at the same time.

There are a lot of other techniques that you can use, including a number of yoga positions that will do the same thing, so find one that works for you, and remember to stretch regularly.

By keeping those muscles loose, you should see your back pain diminish over time.  Even the events, like bending over too long, or sitting too long, won’t hurt as much if you’re doing regular stretching and exercise.

Bonus: keeping your muscles stretched will help prevent injury if you were to over-exert yourself.

When to See a Local Chiropractor

Stretching and exercise are great to prevent injury, but they’re likely not going to fix you after an injury.

If your joints are out of whack, you need a chiropractor to set them straight.  Then, when your bones are all lined up just right, you can prevent further mid back tightness by incorporating stretches and exercise into your daily life.

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