A Simple Trick to Keep your Back Pain Free

It’s no secret that our joints wear out over time.  And when they do, they start to hurt.  Lower back pain is one of the most common aches and pains that people experience during their life.

The reason may not be quite what you expect.  It’s not necessarily that you lifted with your back instead of your legs, or that time you were thrown off a horse during full gallop.  Instead, it’s likely because that super comfy couch that you sit in is pulling your back out of alignment.

Take a look at this short video where Dr. Shayne Durbin, a chiropractor in Billings, shows you what’s going on, and how you can quickly fix the problem.

Those nice comfy couches tend to pull us deep into them.  When they do, they pull the lower back down and collapse it underneath you.

The good news is that comfort is just a visit to the linen closet away.

Roll up a towel so that it’s about 4 or 5 inches in diameter.  You can keep it rolled up with a couple of rubber bands.  Then, place it behind your lower back, so that it pushes your stomach out.

This simple method will help to keep the back aligned properly, while you sink in and binge the next dozen episodes of your favorite show on Netflix.

Come to a Billings Chiropractor for your Adjustment

If your back is too far out of whack, the simple towel trick isn’t going to help much.  This method is a preventative way to keep things lined up, but first we need to get them in line!

Schedule a time with a chiropractor in Billings to ensure that you’re adjusted properly, so that you can live life with minimal pain.  You can request a time with our online appointment scheduler, or give us a call at the office by dialing 406-545-2128.

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