A Quick Stretch to Keep Your Hips Limber

When you’re sitting in an office chair for extended periods of time, your hip flexors get really tight.  These muscles are essential to help control the movement of the lower half of our bodies.  When they get tightened up, they can cause pain.  But even worse, if they tighten and you have to move suddenly, you can stretch or tear them!

Dr. Shayne Durbin, your Chiropractor in Billings, has a quick stretch you can do to ensure things stay nice and loose throughout the workday when you’re stuck in an office chair for long periods of time.

Stretching Your Hip Flexors

It’s a simple stretch where you put your knee in the center of the chair, and slowly rotate it inward and then back out to get a good stretch on the hip flexor.

If you feel your hips tightening up often, incorporate this into your daily routine in the morning and in the afternoon.  It only takes a couple of minutes, and can help save you from considerable pain.

Come See a Chiropractor Near You

Pain from sitting for a while is pretty easy to correct; it’s all about moving around a bit during the day to keep things loose.

But sometimes the pain has a deeper cause than just sitting too long.  It could be an old injury, it could be improper movement, or something entirely different.

When you come see Dr. Shayne Durbin, Chiropractor in Billings, you get the cause treated.  Instead of just getting rid of the pain, and having you come back every day for the rest of your life, we fix the cause so that you can live as pain free as possible.

Are you ready to alleviate your aches and pains?

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