When can You See Your Billings Chiropractor Again?

There are many different types of back surgery, so we have to keep things pretty broad here.  And a little disclaimer: be sure to talk things over with your back doctor before coming to see your chiropractor – our goal is to complement the work that has been done; not to override it or make it worse.

Often back surgeries are designed to help alleviate pain.  Fixing issues like slipped or herniated discs, and spinal fusion surgeries are common to help reduce the amount of pain you’re in, and to help correct an underlying issue that needs more than chiropractic work.

So, when can you come in for an adjustment after having surgery?

When is it Safe to Visit a Chiropractor after Surgery?

Generally speaking, you should be safe to have an adjustment six months after your surgery.  Again, that’s a broad blanket statement.  Not all surgeries are the same.  If you have a spinal fusion surgery it will take at least three months for those vertebrae to fuse together; six months might be too soon.

To be on the safe side, it’s often better to wait a full year after your surgery before coming to have an adjustment.  Before you do, talk it over with your doctor who performed the surgery, they will know more about how you’re healing and where you are in the recovery process.

What are the Risks of Chiropractic Care Post-Surgery?

The biggest risk is coming in for an adjustment before you have healed from the surgery.

For instance, a spinal fusion grafts the bones together.  Once together, they are permanently fused and there is no motion between the joints.  However, if you are adjusted before the graft heals, it could complicate things and require a second surgery.

Aside from the risk of coming in too soon, the risks of chiropractic care after surgery are more-or-less the same as the risks of chiropractic care at any time.

What are the Benefits of a Chiropractor?

Visiting your chiropractor comes with a lot of different benefits, but we’re talking about post-surgery here.

Just like any adjustment, your bones will be better aligned, and help you live more comfortably with less pain.

Ideally, after your post-surgery chiropractic visit, you’ll have:

  • Less back and neck pain
  • Less overall joint pain
  • Improved nervous system
  • Better range of motion
  • Fewer or less frequent headaches
  • Faster healing

Not all of these will be immediately apparent with every adjustment, but when your joints are in alignment, your body will be better off overall.

Should I come See Dr. Shayne Durbin – Chiropractor in Billings?

After you have clearance from your back doctor, let’s get you in for a spinal adjustment (or adjustment of the other joints of the body – pain isn’t limited to just the spine and neck).

Whether you’re post-back surgery, or just need an adjustment to keep your body functioning optimally, let’s get you on the schedule.

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