Are you getting the Support You Need?

Our bodies are connected.  No, not like yours is connected to mine, but in the sense that are toes are connected to our necks through a series of joints.

This connectivity means that a problem in one area can show up as pain in another area.  And since you probably read the title to this post, we’re talking about how ill-fitting or ill-supporting shoes can ultimately lead to back pain and other issues in your body.

What Shoes are Wrecking up your Back?

We’re going to focus on three different shoes.  Two of them are the style of shoe, and one of them a shoe condition, so to speak.

High Heel Shoes – High heels have an interesting past.  And for as long as they have been around, they have been causing the wearer some serious back pain.  These shoes cause your pelvis to tip, your lower back to jut forward, and put excess pressure on the knees.  Wearing them every once in a while is likely fine, but extended wear can cause life-long problems.

Flip-Flops – Summer time and the flip-flops are out in force.  They’re comfy, easy to slip on, and let your feet breathe.  But they provide little support.  When your feet aren’t supported, the pressures can travel up through all the joints, and manifest as back pain.

Worn Out Shoes – Shoes don’t last forever.  So that sweet pair of converse that you had back in high school, although the exterior may look fine, the foam in the soles has mashed to near nothing.  Without that support, your arches are squished down more than necessary causing stress on the knees, hips, and back.

Not all shoes are going to affect all people the same way.  In a general sense, these are the ones that are causing the most people the most pain.

What is the Solution to Foot-Caused-Back-Pain?

There are two issues that need to be addressed with your pain.

First, we have to look at the cause of the pain.  Is it your shoe choice, or is there something else going on?  If it’s the shoes, the long-term solution is simple.  Better shoes will lead to less pain down the road.

Second, we have to fix the pain.  If you have a thorn in your shoe that’s poking your foot and causing it to bleed, you take the thorn out (fix the cause) and put a bandage on the wound (fix the pain).  An adjustment will help get things lined up; better shoes will help things stay lined up.

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