Back Pain can be Treated with These Methods

Lower back pain affects just about everyone out there.  Throughout the US, 80% of adults experience lower back pain at least once in their lives.

If you’re suffering from this pain, then we have good news: you can likely find relief without coming in for an adjustment!  Keep reading as your chiropractor in Billings describes a handful of home remedies for you aching back.

Get Moving

Often our aches and pains are caused by our sedentary lifestyle.  The lack of movement stiffens joints, then when we do move, we overdo it.  Regular movement will help stave off back pain, and reduce the pain you already feel.  No need to even hit the gym as yoga, a short walk, a bike ride, or swimming can help.

Sit up Straight

Just like your third-grade teacher told you, sit up straight!  Bad posture can be attributed to all sorts of aches and pains, including lower back pain.  If you’ve been slouching for a long time, it might take some work to retrain those muscles.  That can be done with yoga, pilates, tai-chi, or other light aerobic exercises.

Put Some Ice on It

Using a cold pack to reduce swelling can temporarily relieve pain, especially after an injury.  Applying heat helps improve blood flow to enable healing.  Both can be used in addition to these other methods of reducing back pain.

Stretch a Bit

Sudden back injuries often happen because our muscles aren’t ready to move.  Some light stretches in the morning help to get your body ready for the day.  Toe touches, the cobra pose, and the child’s pose all work the back to ensure it’s optimized for movement.

Topical Pain Relief Cream

When the muscle pain is severe, a topical pain relief cream can be used.  Some of them contain a menthol cooling agent, others contain lidocaine in small quantities.  When things are unbearable, a pain relief cream can get you through the day.

Buy New Shoes

Improper foot support doesn’t just affect your feet and ankles.  That improper support travels up the legs and can manifest as back pain. We’ve talked about this before, and it’s the perfect excuse to go shoe shopping.

Sleep Longer

How does sleep affect your back pain?  Two ways, actually.  First, if you have an unsupportive mattress, you need to invest in a good one.  Second, lack of sleep can diminish your pain tolerance.  So, shoot for 7-9 hours so your body can recharge and repair.

Cut the Sugar

Sugar is one of the most prevalent parts of the western diet, and it’s one of the worst things you can consume (except, you know, drugs and literal poisons).  Sugar consumption leads to inflammation, and inflammation leads to swollen joints that are painful.  Cut the sugar, feel better!

Come See Dr. Shayne Durbin for Lower Back Pain

Sometimes your back hurts because the joints aren’t aligned just right.  When that happens, schedule a time to have an adjustment by a local chiropractor like Dr. Shayne Durbin!

Call the office at 406-545-2128, or fill out our online appointment request form and we can get you in for an adjustment… then stay adjusted with our simple tips.

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