Headaches can have Many Causes

Millions of Americans suffer from frequent headaches.  Millions more suffer from the occasional head pain.  Most of them don’t know the causes, and are unable to do much to prevent their onset.

Did you know that most of the time you can discover the cause, and prevent the headaches from occurring in the first place?

Your chiropractor in Billings takes a look at the common headaches, and what we can do to prevent them from happening so often.

The Three Common Types of Headaches

Headaches can be lumped into three main categories, or types.  Each one has a different feeling to it, each one has a different cause, and each one has a different prevention method.

Migraine HeadachesMigraines are often described as the worst headaches.  They can last for hours, and include flashing lights in the eyes making it difficult to see, concentrate, or do anything except just lie there with your eyes closed.

Prevent Migraine Headaches – Prevention comes down to two factors.  First, a healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep, low sodium, and proper hydration can ward them off.  But there are some triggers that can spur them: avoid bright fluorescent lights to reduce the risk.

Tension Headaches – Tension headaches are often the back of the head or upper neck area.  These feel like that dull pain that just won’t go away.  They don’t hit hard like the migraine, and they don’t pound like cluster headaches.  Instead, they’re more like a sore muscle or a bruise.

Prevent Tension Headaches – Knowing what you did before the headache is key here.  Avoid prolonged strain on the upper neck (sitting at a desk improperly is a big one).  But also keep some light yoga as part of your daily routine, breathing exercises, and even meditation to help calm and relax the body, are all key ways to prevent or “fix” a tension headache.

Cluster Headaches – Cluster headaches are usually located in one area of the head; often the sides near the temples or right behind the eyes.  They throb, pound, and bright lights and loud noises only make them worse.  The good news is they’re generally short lived – usually less than an hour.

Prevent Cluster Headaches – Environmental triggers are the primary causes.  Nitrates and sodium in foods, altitude changes, alcohol and smoking, are all culprits.  Prevention relies on knowing what your body can handle, and avoiding foods, drinks, and activities that it cannot.

Billings Chiropractor helps Reduce the Pain from Headaches

Headaches and upper neck pain are uncomfortable, fatiguing, and a little disconcerting.  If you suffer from regular headaches, you may wonder if there is a deeper issue that is the reason.

That deeper issue might be that your neck is out of alignment.  The neck bones provide the passageway for blood, oxygen, and the nervous system.  If something isn’t lined up just right, it can manifest as a headache.

That’s where a chiropractor in Billings comes into play.  Lining things up can clear up those passages, so you can heal faster and live life with less pain. Then, knowing the triggers for your headaches, you can prevent them from coming back in the first place.

Let’s check you out, and see how we can reduce your pain.  Call us at 406-545-2128, or fill out an appointment request on our site and we’ll get you aligned up.

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