Transitioning from Lying Down to Standing Doesn’t Have to be Painful

Back Pain is a chronic problem for millions of Americans.  Even here in Billings, chiropractors treat back issues more than anything else.

And for good reason, it’s estimated that over the course of a year 65 million Americans suffer from it; 16 million of them suffering from chronic back pain.  That’s more than a fifth of the country aching!

Without getting too deep into how to treat back pain, how to care for an aching back, and how to ensure that your aches go away, there are a few things you can do to ensure that the pain subsides and you can rest.

First, the dreaded getting out of bed.

Lying down we get to rest, the pressure is taken off, and our backs get a chance to relax.  But that transition from lying down to getting up is a catalyst that ends up causing all the pain to come rushing back in.

Fortunately, we can use our body to get up in a way that will minimize the pain, and allow healing.  Take a look at the 45 second video to see how it’s done.

Minimizing pain helps us get through the day.  But that pain is an indicator that something isn’t working quite right in the body.  Let’s figure out what needs to be done so that you can live every day in as little pain as possible.

It all starts with a call to your Billings chiropractor Dr. Shayne Durbin.  Get scheduled today, for a pain free future.

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