Adjusting Joints Leads to Overall Better Health

A significant portion of our physical problems could be solved if we could just breathe easier.

That deep breath, that a lot of people struggle to attain, brings oxygen to our blood.  Oxygen rich blood helps us think better, digest better, feel better, and recover better.  We all know the importance of getting enough air.

But many people don’t get enough air.  And they don’t even realize that they could feel so much better if they could just breathe easier.

How a Chiropractor Helps you Breathe

When you think of a chiropractic adjustment, you probably think of a spinal adjustment.  After all, a lot of our issues are with the spine; an area that contains a significant number of the joints in the body.

However, a chiropractor helps with all of the joints in the body; not just the spine.  Sometimes that means adjusting ankles, knees, hips, arms, and yes, even ribs and chest.

Everywhere that there is a joint, even those we don’t think of as joints that move (like the ribs) the bones can get out of place.  When they’re out of place, our bodies don’t function quite the way they should.

Adjusting those bones back in place, allows our chest cavity to expand, and lets our lungs completely fill with air.  Because your chest is able to move freely, you get that full breath of air.  Breathing easier means the rest of your body can heal and feel better.

How Regular Adjustments Keep Your Body Functioning

Putting those joints back in place gets everything lined up for the time being.  But over time your body goes back to its old habits.  And it pulls those joints back out of place.  Until your body has those new habits firmly set, regular adjustments will keep things functioning properly.

So you can breathe easier.  Your nervous system won’t be “pinched”.  Healing will happen.  And life will be less painful.

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