Do I have to Keep Returning to a Billings Chiropractor?

One of the things that chiropractors in Billings get asked a lot, is how long do these adjustments last?  Patients aren’t talking about the length of the actual visit, but rather how long will an adjustment last, before they have to come in and get adjusted again?

As your local Chiropractor, we have a great answer to that question.  The answer is that it all depends on your injury.  But our goal is to never undertreat, or overtreat, you.  We want to provide just the right amount of treatment so you can maintain a healthy – and hopefully pain free – lifestyle.

How Long can I go Between Chiropractic Visits?

When we’re adjusting your back, neck, and other joints, we are sometimes trying to overturn years’ worth of bad posture, form, or an injury that didn’t really heal right.

Something simple might just be a few adjustments; something major might be regularly adjustments for a long time.

Let’s look at what would be something that’s treated “quickly” and something that will require more intense treatment.

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Minor Joint Injuries Require Less Chiropractor Care

Suppose you woke up this morning and realized that you slept wrong.  Those of you in your teens and twenties, no laughing; once you’re in your thirties you’ll realize that you can indeed sleep wrong and wake up in pain.

So your neck is all kinked, and you need that thing realigned.  There isn’t long-term damage or bad habits going on here, so a quick adjustment and you’ll likely be pain free for quite some time.

Suppose you tried to lift something that was much heavier than you should be lifting, and you tweaked your back.  Well, a one-time adjustment might not be enough.  We can re-align those joints, but with muscle pain you end up favoring the muscles that don’t hurt.  Then, over the next few days as things are healing, your body actually pulls things back out of alignment.

With proper healing, however, you might just need a few adjustments every 3 or 4 days, and then you’re back to normal.

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Major Joint Injuries Require More Visits to the Chiropractor

If you’re really beat up, or you have a long-term issue, a few adjustments might not be enough to really get your body back into optimum shape.

Suppose you’re in a big car wreck that tweaks a lot of joints.  Weekly visits can help to push everything back into place, but as your body heals from that trauma, it’s going to keep “popping” out of place.  Weekly visits for a couple of months, then bi-weekly, and then monthly might be necessary for years to come.

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Adjustments by Dr. Shayne Durbin in Billings, Montana

No matter if you need a little adjustment to fix a sleep issue, or major adjustments to correct a problem you developed decades ago, we always recommend regular maintenance on your joints.

Keeping them in line will help to ensure your body is working optimally.  Then, if something big does happen, like a sports injury or a car wreck, your body is in a good position to sustain less damage, and heal faster.

We can talk about all of that with your first visit.  First, you need to make an appointment with a Billings chiropractor.  Fortunately, it’s easy enough to do.  Call us at 406-545-2128, or fill out the appointment request form on our site, and we’ll get you in the next spot that works with your schedule.

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