Opioids are Claiming Thousands of Lives Every Year

Until it hits someone close to you, the opioid epidemic is just a headline.  It’s a news item that we hear over and over, but it doesn’t really register with us.  But every year millions of Americans get hooked on these drugs, and tens of thousands of them will die from them.

It’s an epidemic that can be reduced with proper chiropractic care.  If you’re in Billings, and you’re looking for help with your chronic pain, find a local chiropractor first, instead of turning to the highly addictive medication.

How Opioids Work to Reduce Pain

Pain medication doesn’t do anything to fix the pain you might be experiencing.  Instead, it makes the body not recognize the pain so that you can go about your day.

It does have a place, and helps us to heal.  If you have temporary pain, where your body is healing from an injury, you won’t heal as quickly when you’re stressed out due to the pain you feel.  So temporarily hiding that pain will take your mind off it, and the body can do its thing.

The problem is, however, when you have chronic pain.  The body isn’t healing the injury, it’s just slogging its way through life.  So, masking the pain isn’t reducing your stress and letting the body heal, it’s just covering up a problem or issue that will never fix itself.

Consider this.  If you have pipe that is leaking under the kitchen sink, you can put a bucket under the drip to catch the water and catch the problem.  Or, you could hire a professional to replace the broken o-ring that’s causing the water drip in the first place.

How Chiropractic Care Reduces Pain

Chronic pain is often caused because the nervous system isn’t flowing the way that it’s supposed to.  Because a nerve is pinched, a joint is out of line, or something else isn’t working properly, the body registers that as pain: something to be addressed.

Because joints that are out of alignment won’t go back into alignment all on their own, you need a chiropractor to determine which joint is messed up, and how to put it back in place.

Doing so can help that nervous system to start flowing properly, the cause of the pain to go away, and ultimately, you’ll feel good again.

Instead of covering up the pain, we take away the cause of the pain.

Come See a Billings Chiropractor

There have been a lot of studies using chiropractic care as a means to reduce chronic pain.  As Americans suffer from more and more pain, opioid use has risen in proportion.  But now, it’s being recommended that a non-invasive and holistic approach be used to reduce this pain before turning to highly addictive medications.

That’s where a Billings chiropractor, like Dr. Shayne Durbin, comes into play.  Regular adjustments keep your joints in alignment, so that your body can do what it needs to do.

If you’re ready to dump the pills and live a life with less pain, then let’s get you scheduled for a visit.  Call us at 406-545-2128, or use our appointment request form, and we’ll get you all set up.

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