A Billings Chiropractor Helps Treat Common Sports Injuries

Every year there are millions of students around the country that participate in athletics.  When you factor in those who play intramural, adult leagues, or just for fun, that number increases significantly.

Too many of them, however, have their athletic careers cut short due to injuries.  Some of those sports injuries are preventable, some are mishaps, and some can be treated with the help of a local chiropractor.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common sports injuries, and we lay out how a chiropractor in Billings helps to get you back on the field.


Concussions happen when you sustain a heavy blow to the head.  A form of traumatic brain injury, that causes the brain to bounce around inside the head.  The result is extreme headaches, confusion, dizziness and more.

A chiropractor can’t “cure” the concussion.  The only known cure is to rest and let the body heal itself.  But a chiropractor can ensure that your joints are aligned, so that the nervous system is transmitting information accurately throughout the body and letting you heal faster.

Knee Injuries

Our knees can take a lot.  But sometimes they get twisted, pushed back, or merely take too much abuse.  The result can be anything from a sprain, an out of alignment joint, a tear in the meniscus, or more.  Some knee injuries will require more care than a chiropractor can provide, but many of them do not.

Knees that are out of alignment are painful to use.  Getting them lined back up, the chiropractor sets in motion the proper healing process.  When your muscles strengthen, they hold the knee in place to prevent further injury.

Pinched Nerves

Your nervous system runs throughout the entire body.  It’s how your brain knows to communicate with everything else.  A properly functioning nervous system doesn’t have delays, and your brain can instruct the body on how to heal etc.

When you have a pinched nerve (commonly in the back or neck, but it can happen at any joint), your nervous system is blocked.  Information can usually still flow, but it’s delayed.  That pinched nerve can come with sharp pain.  Getting you lined back up means your nerves are flowing freely.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow doesn’t just happen to tennis players.  Caused by repetitive wrist and arm movement, it’s an inflammation of the tendons and muscles.  When inflammation occurs, we can tend to “baby” the area.  That can lead to misuse of the other muscles and tendons.

When things get used incorrectly, it can have a ripple effect through the body.  Pain can show up in multiple areas.  Those areas need adjusted back into place, so that the body can adequately heal the tennis elbow.

Make an Appointment with a Chiropractor in Billings

A lot of pain can be explained by the body being out of alignment.  But as we like to tell people, pain is the last symptom to show, and the first to go.  So if you’re in pain, the issue has been present for a while already.

When you’re in pain, it’s time to get in to see your Billings chiropractor so the issue can be properly addressed.  Whether it’s an old sports injury, a new sports injury, an accident or something else, we’ll get you aligned, so you can get to living life with less pain.

Fill out our online appointment scheduler, or give us a call at 406-545-2128, and we’ll see you soon.

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