Using the Latest Technology to Heal

Our bodies are remarkable self-healing machines.  But there are times when we need a little extra “nudge” to get us to heal quicker and properly.

A chiropractor in Billings will help get your joints aligned, so healing can happen properly.  But there are some injuries that need a little extra boost when things are aching a little bit more than we’d like.

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

All of our cells contain what is called the mitochondria.  This powerhouse produces what are called ATP.  Basically, this ATP is the food for the cells so that they can regenerate, heal, and grow.

The mitochondria will keep producing ATP and over time your cells heal and pain subsides from your injury.

But when you apply cold laser therapy to the area, the mitochondria kick it into high gear.  They produce more ATP, and produce it faster.  Now the cells have more to feed on, so they’re able to regenerate and heal much faster.

That’s great, but how does it work in real life?

Cold laser therapy from your chiropractor in Billings

Case Study on Scott Sery’s Knee

Scott had knee surgery over 20 years ago.  For years he resigned himself to the fact that his knee is bonk, and he won’t be able to run or anything like that.

After coming in to see Dr. Shayne Durbin, his knee was aligned properly (who knows how long that thing had been out of place).  With a properly aligned knee, running and using it wasn’t as hard or as painful anymore.

Except over the years, every knee surgery is going to start to wear down.  Now, Scott was able to run again, but over time some bone spurs were building up, and causing a lot of pain.  Adjustments were keeping the knee aligned, but that pain was still there.

One week it got really bad.

So, to encourage things to heal faster, we used cold laser therapy on it.  Just a few minutes, and the cells were sped up so fast that the pain diminished considerably.  It works that fast; one minute there’s pain, the next it’s all but gone.

It’s not a cure-all, but it can definitely help the healing process when everything else is in order as well.

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