Billings Chiropractors Help the Body Heal

Your body is supposed to work rather seamlessly.  Small injuries are easily repaired, and you continue on your merry way.

There are times, however, that things don’t go as planned.  Injuries happen, whether from accidents, trauma, or just plain old bad habits.  Soon, your body isn’t working the way it should, and big issues develop.

For many people, there are two options at this point: visit a local chiropractor, or schedule surgery.

Chiropractor Vs. Surgery

There are times when chiropractic care isn’t going to be an option.  Sometimes your body has suffered such trauma that you have to have surgery to fix the issue.

There are other times when the trauma isn’t as major.  The natural adjustment of joints will help to align everything, get things working again, and ultimately let the body heal itself.

How Chiropractic Care Helps

Imagine your body as a garden hose.  When everything is lined up just right, the water flows freely throughout the entire hose.

Now imagine a kink in the hose.  The water may slow to a trickle, or stop completely

The hose is like your nervous system.  When all things are lined up just right, your nervous system can relay information quickly and efficiently to your brain.  Your brain interprets the signals, and turns on the appropriate response.  For example, you stub your toe.  A proper nervous system will tell the brain, “Trauma in the big toe!”  Your brain says, “Toe is hurt, nurture it, send extra blood, white blood cells be on the lookout for invasive bacteria.”

But now imagine if there is a delay, or miscommunication.  You stub your toe and the nervous system tells the brain, “Something happened in the big toe!” and the brain says, “What happened?  Send extra fluids, send extra blood, immediately deactivate all other toes!”  Your toe swells up, doesn’t get the white blood cells, and ultimately a small scratch becomes infected.

Sure it’s a silly story, but it’s a very basic example of how your body communicates with itself, and when things are working properly, it can heal itself from a lot of injuries that would otherwise require surgery.

Find a Chiropractor Near Me

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to find a chiropractor in Billings.  In fact, you just have to click on our appointment scheduler, and you can request a time to come see Dr. Shayne Durbin.

For faster appointments, however, give us a call at 406-545-2128.

Looking for a Chiropractor in Lewistown, Montana?  Dr. Shayne Durbin travels there regularly in order to help adjust patients in central Montana.

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