How Your Joints Affect Your Sneeze

The daylight hours are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the plants are starting to grow once again.

Many of us welcome spring with open arms; especially after a long and cold winter.

But along with that warm weather and fresh growth comes the dreaded seasonal allergies.  Pollen spores will soon fill the air.  And much to the dismay of hay fever sufferers everywhere, the nice weather will bring with it inflamed eyes, runny noses, sneezing and coughing.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  In fact, being adjusted by your local Billings Chiropractor can help reduce the effects of seasonal allergies.

How Pollen Brings About Allergic Reactions

Our bodies are really good about recognizing the bad stuff, and expelling them in whatever means necessary.  That’s why you get a little pukey if you have food poisoning.

But sometimes our immune system makes mistakes.  Bring on the pollen, and it’s seen as an invader.  Cue the runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes.  All in an attempt to get a relatively benign object out of the body.

In themselves, these allergic reactions aren’t much more than a nuisance.  But that congestion can create pools of mucus where actual harmful bacteria settle in.  When that happens, now you have a problem.

Why Your Joints Matter during Allergy Season

Our bodies are comprised by a marvelous network of nerves.  This nervous system transmits data and information throughout the entire body, and ideally allows everything function in smooth and efficient manner.

If you have a busy 4 lane highway that suffers from a rock fall dropping it to two lanes, traffic will slow down.  If you have a busy nervous system, that is pinched or otherwise not flowing properly due to misaligned joints, the information slows down.

When it all slows down, one of the effects is that the brain doesn’t get the information it needs, and the immune system is weakened.

By adjusting joints, especially the back where the “central highway” of the nervous system is located, we ensure that the information is able to travel as quickly as possible, and ultimately your immune system functions at peak performance.

When that happens, seasonal allergies don’t hit quite as hard.

Dr. Shayne Durbin, Billings Chiropractor, Adjusts for Seasonal Allergies

So how do you get started on this allergy free life, you ask?  First, you have to know that while chiropractic health is able to alleviate symptoms, it’s not going to be a magic cure for all that ails you.  There may still be some allergies that pop up in your life from time to time.

But to get started, just give the office a call at 406-545-2128, or request an appointment with our online appointment scheduler tool.

Your Billings, Montana chiropractor (who on occasion does go to Lewistown, Montana as well) is ready to see your allergies become a thing of the past.

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