Both Massage and Chiropractic Care Reduce Pain

I’m sure you know what it means to get a massage.  And if you’re here reading this, you likely know what a chiropractor is.  But there are a lot of benefits to using both practices together so that you can help alleviate as much pain as possible.

Let’s take a look at how massage and chiropractic care go hand-in-hand.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Essentially, a chiropractor helps to ensure that your joints are aligned the way they’re supposed to be aligned.  Often, we consider chiropractic care as adjusting the spine and neck, but those aren’t the only joints we can work with (they’re just the ones that are commonly out of place).  Any joint can get out of whack, and a chiropractor can put them back into whack.

What is a Massage?

A massage works with the muscles of the body.  Helping to loosen them and relax them.  Massages, however, do more than just feel good and relax the muscles.  When you receive a massage, the techniques allow the ligaments and tendons to loosen as well.

How does a Massage Complement your Adjustment?

A chiropractor works with the bones, a massage therapist works with the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  So how do they work together?

Injuries often don’t show up right away in our bodies.  That injury can push a joint out of place, and then the body compensates by pulling with muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Over time those soft tissues get used to pulling in a particular direction.

When you visit your local chiropractor, and you get adjusted to put those joints back in place, the soft tissues don’t just stop pulling.  What can happen is that your joints that are now properly aligned, are pulled back out of alignment by your muscles and tendons that have gotten used to pulling in a particular direction.  This can lead to recovery times that take longer and more visits to the chiropractor to keep getting the joints lined up just right.

With the power of a massage, though, you can help to loosen those tendons, ligaments, and muscles, so they stop tugging at the joints.  In the end, your muscles are retrained more quickly, and your joints stay in better alignment.

Dr. Shayne Durbin is a Chiropractor in Billings, Montana

As a Chiropractor in Billings, I don’t do massages – I adjust the joints.  To help your body recover the best, it’s recommended that you receive a massage to help alleviate pain and keep those joints in place.  If you have a favorite masseuse, just schedule a massage appointment for shortly after your chiropractor appointment.  If you don’t have a masseuse, ask when you’re in, and we can provide some names of those we know and trust.

Are you ready to get those joints back in whack?  Call us at 406-545-2128 or you can request an appointment time via our online appointment request button.

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