Can Children Visit a Chiropractor?

We take our kids for their annual checkups with their pediatrician.  We take them to the dentist twice each year.  We make sure their eyes are working properly, feed them healthy meals, and overall look out for their well-being.

But too often, chiropractic care is neglected with kids.

One of the biggest reasons is that a chiropractor is often seen as only necessary for those with back issues, and those issues usually pop up later in life when we’ve pushed ourselves a little too far.

Children’s chiropractic care absolutely should be part of a healthy child’s routine.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Kids?

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: just as with every medical procedure, it is customized for the size of the patient.  You wouldn’t give a 10 year old a full dose of aspirin for a headache; instead you customize the dosage for him or her.  You wouldn’t do the same joint adjustments on a small body as you would a big one.

Your chiropractor in Billings knows how to adjust bodies of all sizes, from infants to adults.

What are the Benefits of a Children’s Chiropractor?

The benefits are very similar, but the reasons are what vary dramatically.

When you come to a chiropractor as an adult, you usually come because your bones are all out of whack.  Maybe it’s a knee or a hip.  Perhaps it’s shoulders and elbows.  And commonly it all settles into the back.

We get you popped back into place so you can live without as much pain.

For children, their joints are usually pretty well lined up already.  But injuries do occur, and they often occur much more often as a child as opposed to as an adult.  Kids are out there playing.  They’re jumping off things, and falling off things.  They’re rolling, tumbling, swinging, and doing kid things.  Joints get knocked out of whack just as easily as a kid, but often they’ll get knocked back close into whack just as easily.

Close to whack, but not fully in whack.

Adjusting those joints so they’re in the right place, means they’ll continue to grow with the joints in the right place.  This can prevent major injuries down the road.

Temporarily, of course, there are benefits as well.  When joints are aligned, and blood and nervous systems are doing what they’re supposed to, kids can immediately benefit with:

  • Improved attention
  • Faster recovery from illness
  • Better sleep
  • Less irritation/frustration due to bodies not feeling “right” (which means fewer mood swings)

How many parents out there would love for their kids to do better in school, sleep better at night, and listen to instructions without overreacting?

Dr. Shayne Durbin Chiropractor in Billings

Dr. Shayne Durbin works on bodies of all sizes from his chiropractic offices here in Billings, and also from a mobile office in Lewistown on occasion.

If you want to come in and see how children’s chiropractic care can help your child, hit up our online scheduling tool, or give us a call here at the office at 406-545-2818.

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