Paddleboarding Gives a Full-Body Workout

Stand-Up Paddleboards, or SUPs, are all the rage right now.  Paddleboarding is an easy way to get out there, enjoy the water, and to show off your balance skills.

With Lake Elmo right there in the Billings Heights, the Yellowstone River flowing nearby, or a handful of other lakes and reservoirs within a couple hour’s drive, paddleboarding is easy to do throughout the summer.

But it’s more than just a fun afternoon.  There are a bunch of really great benefits to pushing your way around the lake on these flotation devices.

Paddleboarding Gives you a Great Workout

When you hop onto your board, you use muscles from all over your body.

Feet, legs, and core are used to help keep you stabilized.  Just standing upright and not tipping over is enough to cause some of us to be a little sore the next day.

Arms, back, and shoulders get a good workout as you paddle and push yourself forward through the water.  To keep going straight you have to switch sides, which helps keep all things evened out.

As you paddle around you strengthen muscles, learn how to “twitch” your muscles just right, so that over time your balance improves, you get stronger, and healthier.

Paddleboarding is Low Impact

There are some sports that are good for your heart, but can be a lot of pressure on your joints.  Running, for instance, is generally thought to be a heart healthy activity.  But that constant pounding on the ground can be too much for some people, and they end up with sore joints after a while.

Paddleboarding doesn’t have that pounding.  Instead, it’s a lot of fluid movements.

If you find that you’re ending your paddleboarding session with a sore back (or other sore joints), look into your technique.  Your paddle may not be long enough causing you to hunch over when moving through the water.

Paddleboarding helps to Reduces Stress

Just as you get a great body workout, you get a great mind workout as well.

Getting onto the water can be calming and relaxing.  You can feel the stress melt away as you glide almost effortlessly across the top of the water.

As your body strengthens, the sport become even more relaxing.  The fresh air is good for you, the exercise creates endorphins, and your body and mind thrive.

Visit a Local Chiropractor to stay in Paddleboarding Shape

Using new muscles can mean you end up pretty sore after the first few times on your board.

Those sore muscles can mean that you end up favoring different movements; movements that might not be ideal.  As the muscles become stronger, they don’t ache as much.  As they don’t ache as much you might have misaligned joints.

A chiropractor in Billings can help keep those joints in alignment.  Then, as you get back out there and enjoy the waters, you can do so without the worry of a painful day.

Give us a call at 406-545-2128, or fill out our online appointment request form, and we’ll get you scheduled to see Dr. Shayne Durbin in Billings.

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