Keep your Body Healthy for a Happy Hunting Season

The sun is setting earlier.  The night air is crisp and cool.  As the leaves start to fall, a lot of Montanans are getting ready for hunting season.

This season isn’t just a sporting event; it’s a way of life.  It’s a chance to fill the freezer, enjoy nature, and partake in the thrill of the hunt.  But if you’re injured while in the backcountry, the consequences can turn deadly really quickly.  Relying on a chiropractor’s care, however, you can minimize those risks to have a great season.

How a Chiropractor Helps Hunters

But what does aligning your joints have to do with hunting?  It turns out, a lot!

Knees and Ankles in Alignment

Your knees and ankles take a lot every single day.  If you’re heading into the mountains in pursuit of a deer, elk, sheep, or something else, you’re relying on them to keep your balance and footing.

Making sure everything is aligned before you head into the wilderness means that they’re going to perform at their peak.  You’re going to be able to rely on them over slippery and uneven terrain.

Back and Neck in Place

Chances are that you’re looking forward to putting a hundred pounds of meat on your back.  Is it comfortable?  Nope.  Is it enjoyable?  Eh, maybe some type 2 fun.  Is it going to happen?  Absolutely.

Your back and the lower parts of your neck are going to be taking a lot of strain when you’re packing out that trophy bull elk.  To ensure that they’re up to the task, you have to make sure they’re in place.  You have a lot of joints in the spine.  Any one of them out of place might mean you aren’t able to get the animal back to the freezer.

Shoulders and Elbows that Function

After you get an animal down, now it’s all about pulling it, flipping it, twisting, and dragging.  Your shoulders and elbows take a lot of strain in that time!

Many hunters will gut a deer and drag it back to the truck.  But if your elbows and shoulders aren’t up to it, then what option do you have?  You might have to rely on your neighbor, and who knows how many steaks he’s going to request for payment!

Come to see Doctor Shayne Durbin, a Chiropractor in Billings

The bottom line is that hunting is a sport that’s hard on just about every joint you have.  While you can wait until after hunting season to get popped back into place, it’s better to get adjusted before you go out.

Then, your body is ready for the adventure that awaits.  It’s ready to perform optimally so you have healthy wild game filling the freezer for months to come.

Let’s get you all set for hunting season.  Give us a call at 406-545-2128, or fill out our appointment request form and we’ll be in touch.

Your Billings chiropractor is ready to help you harvest that six point bull.

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