Keep your Hiking Game Strong

It’s the middle of summer.  That means hot days down in the Billings valley, but pleasant temperatures up in the mountains.  Many of us flock to the Beartooths in order to escape the heat, fish some amazing lakes, and take in the spectacular beauty we have right here in our backyard.

Too often, though, we get back to town and our joints just hurt.  Our backs ache, our knees are sore, and even though we felt like we took it easy, we are just all out of sorts.

So how do you get into the mountains, backpack safely, and not hurt for weeks after returning?  As a chiropractor in Billings, I have 3 tips for you.

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Maintain Backpacking Condition all Year Long

One of the best ways to prevent soreness is to make sure you’re not jumping right into the exercise without proper preparation.

Backpacking uses unique muscles that you don’t often use throughout the day.  Fortunately, training for your treks into the wilderness is relatively straightforward.  It can be done two different ways.

  • A big part of packing is just having a healthy heart and lungs.  Running keeps those organs in top shape.  It will also improve your muscle tone.
  • Weight training. Loading your pack and hiking around at one of our amazing parks, like Zimmerman or Phipps, you can train your muscles to be stronger.  Start with a lower weight, 10 pounds, and work your way up to just more than you usually carry when camping.

Keeping fit is going to benefit you in all areas, not just your backpacking.  But now you have a clear goal, and it makes that exercise much easier.

Make Sure You’re using the Right Gear

If you’ve ever tried to use a butter knife to turn a screw, you know that it works, but barely.  Using the right tool, or gear, makes life so much better.  Backpacking and camping is no different.

  • Boots: Well fitting boots ensure you come out with minimal joint pain.
  • Pack: Modern packs adjust to your back, a new pack is worth the premium.
  • Sleeping pad: Sleeping on the ground is rough, a quality pad means you wake up refreshed.
  • Trekking poles: Keep your balance and avoid injury with sturdy hiking poles.

There’s a lot of gear out there that will ensure you don’t put more stress on your body than necessary.  Make sure you have the right gear, and you’re using it properly, so you can fully enjoy your time.

Get Adjusted Before and After Your Backpacking Trip

Finally, make sure everything is in top shape before you head out into the wilderness.

That means get adjusted regularly to ensure you’re all lined up.  Head into the trip feeling great, and get adjusted after the trip so you can get things lined back up as soon as possible after the trip.

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