Swimming is Low Impact, but Still Risks Injury

As a chiropractor in Billings, some of my favorite patients to treat are the athletes.  Why?  Because I am an athlete myself.

My entire life I have engaged in various sports, from running to backpacking to hunting to other organized sports.  I know the stresses that these events put on the body, and I know how chiropractic care can help the athlete recover faster and perform better.

Some of those sports are high impact, like running.  Other sports, like swimming, are considered to be low impact.  So why would a swimmer need a Billings chiropractor?

Nobody is without the risk of injury.

Top Injuries Suffered by Swimmers

Swimming injuries generally aren’t the same as those suffered by runners, football players, soccer players, or other athletes.

These injuries are often subtler, and can tend to sneak up on you.  Everything feels fine, but gradually that injury is building to the point where you realize something is wrong.  By this point, it is imperative that you find a chiropractor that can help get you back on track.  Injuries include:

Swimmer’s Shoulder – Swimming involves repetitive strokes of the arm to pull you through the water.  This repetition can lead to rotator injuries, tendonitis, and more.  This can impede your stroke and cause your body to compensate… leading to further chances of injury.

Swimmer’s Knee – While your shoulders are carrying a lot of the force while swimming, your legs do their fair share.  As you kick your knees might not be bending a lot, but they’re handling a burden.  Injuries can impede your kick, and ultimately cause other issues.

Neck Injuries – It’s not an injury like massive trauma when being tackled playing football, but your neck holds your head up and out of the water.  Keeping it elevated like that can lead to further problems as you compensate; compensation can mean rotating your entire body out to get a breath (instead of just your head).

Lower Back Pain – Swimming is often prescribed for those with back pain.  But the twists and turns of swim racing can lead to back pain and subsequent injury.  Core muscle exercises are not often thought of as helping swimming performance, but they can certainly stave off injuries.

Other injuries are not out of the question, but no matter how low impact you believe the sport to be, there’s always the risk of diminished performance due to strain on the body.

How a Chiropractor Helps Athletic Swimmers

Just like Dr. Shayne Durbin helps other athletes in Billings, he can help you as a swimmer.

Having your joints aligned, without stress or strain that is unnecessary, means that your body is functioning as a whole.  Your body is performing the way it should perform.  Because of this any minor tweak or injury will heal quickly and in the right manner.

A chiropractor ensures that your joints are aligned and you body’s nervous system can flow without impediment.

Make an Appointment with a Chiropractor in Billings

Are you ready to be the best swimmer you can possibly be?

Then it’s time for swimmers to make an appointment with a Billings Chiropractor.

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