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There are few sports that twist, turn, flip, and slam more than wrestling.  Pitting one human against another it’s a matter of who has the skill and strength to pin the other one down.

Wrestlers train hard to put their body through some serious stress!  Too often, however, they don’t realize that the rigors of wrestling can cause joints to get out of alignment.  When those joints are out, it might not be immediately noticeable.  But issues are building up that could have some serious long-term problems.

Most Common Wrestling Injuries

Anyone participating in sports wears the proper protective gear to minimize the chance of injuries.  That gear, however, can only do so much.  Pads, mouth pieces, shin guards, cleats, and helmets deter injuries, but they’re not always going to stop them.

The most common wrestling injuries won’t be stopped by protective gear.

Knees and shoulders take the brunt of the impacts in wrestling.  Twists, strains, and sprains can range from mild to so severe you’re knocked out of the sport for the rest of your life.

These joints will end up with stretched ligaments.  Commonly called a sprain, stretched (or torn) ligaments are not only painful, but when they heal improperly they can cause issues for many years to come.

Sprains in the knees and shoulders are no different.

How a Chiropractor Helps Wrestlers

You might be saying, “But wait Dr. Shayne Durbin, Billings Chiropractor, I thought you dealt with bones and joints.  How do you help with sprains and strains?”

And that’s a great question; the treatment comes in how things end up healing.

If you have a stretched ligament, and you just let it heal on its own, it can heal in that stretched position.  This means it’s not holding your bones and joints in the right place, and many years from now you experience a lot more pain that doesn’t want to go away.

A chiropractor helps wrestlers by making sure those bones are lined up just right, so when the ligaments heal, they heal in the right place.  Keeping them tight and healed up just right means you keep the bones in the right place, helping to reduce the chances of injury and pain down the road.

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