Balance can be Enhanced with a Chiropractor’s Help

When you’re a baby, you start out basically immobile.  As you age you can crawl, then you get onto two feet and walk.  You wobble around, and fall quite often, but soon you’re able to keep your balance and most of us tend not to fall that often.  Then, when you as you enter your senior years, your balance starts to wane, and you need a walker or cane to ensure you don’t tip over.  For many people the balance deteriorates enough that a wheelchair is necessary until the final days when you’re pretty much immobile in a bed the entire time.

While a chiropractor can’t help much with the infant’s ability to stay on two feet, or the senior citizen’s progression of aging, but regular visits to your local chiropractor can help if you find yourself with troubles keeping your balance.

The Different Causes of Balance Issues

Balance isn’t entirely dependent on just one part of the body.  The eyes and ears play a huge role in helping you maintain your balance.  Just try this – stand on one leg and see how well you keep your balance.  Now, do the exact same thing and notice how much harder it is to balance.  We rely on visual cues (trees that grow straight toward the sky, the horizon, and the linear and flat surfaces of the home) to stay upright.

A big part of balance is in the inner ear, though.  Try the same experiment, but instead of closing your eyes, tip your head to the side.  Some people find this even more difficult to stay upright than when they close their eyes.

So, how does a chiropractor help with all of this?

Poor balance can be a build-up of fluid in the ear due to a misalignment of the spine.  When your spine isn’t aligned quite right, your ears can’t clear themselves naturally the way they should.  This ultimately sends the wrong signals to the brain so you get vertigo or lose your balance.

When you come in for regular chiropractor visits, the aligned spine can not only help your brain receive the right signals, but you will also overall feel better when your body is working in harmony with itself.

Come See Dr. Shayne Durbin a Billings Chiropractor

Before we jump right into this, we have to point out that balance issues aren’t always because of spine issues.  If you have gone from well-coordinated to suddenly losing your balance often, there might be other brain issues going on – not the least of which are tumors that are affecting your motor skills.

In the absence of other issues, there’s a good chance your aches, pains, and balance problems can be corrected with regular chiropractor visits.

Here in Dr. Shayne Durbin’s office, our goal is to never over-treat you, or under-treat you.  That means we don’t want you coming in three times per week when you don’t need it.  We also don’t want you only coming in every six months, when you really need adjusted every two months.

We’ll work out how often you should be treated, and we’ll get you on the right care schedule.  Let’s get you scheduled for your next visit.  You can call our office at 1-406-545-2128, or fill out the appointment request form on our site.

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