Reduce Sciatic Pain with a Chiropractor’s Help

Sciatic nerve pain, generally called sciatica, is common in adults.  Yet most people don’t know the steps to make it stop.

The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back and down into the legs.  It’s the longest and widest nerve, and helps to ensure our leg and feet muscles are functioning properly.  So when this thing gets damaged, pinched, or otherwise starts acting up, it can cause lots of pain in some of our biggest muscle groups.

Trying to Take Care of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Often aches and pains that are in the general area of the sciatic nerve are lumped into sciatica.  It’s not quite a correct diagnosis, but that’s not what we’re getting at here.

There are a lot of at-home remedies that involve rolling a can under the leg, stretching, and other means of trying to get rid of the pain.  Many of them work, but they’re temporary fixes to a long term problem.  If your car is leaking oil, you can keep topping it off, but it’s better to just plug the leak, right?

How a Chiropractor in Billings helps with Sciatic Nerve Pain

Chiropractic treatment is non-invasive and drug free.  No need for surgeries, pills, and long recovery periods.

In many cases, the sciatic nerve pain is caused because a joint is misaligned and pinching the nerve.  Adjusting the bones so that they’re back into proper alignment helps alleviate the pain.

But with any injury or pain, our bodies have often become accustomed to one way of living.  And until we “re-train” the muscles to keep the bones in alignment, the joints will slip a little again and pinch the nerve again.

Regular adjustments until the body knows to keep the joints aligned on its own are usually necessary to get rid of sciatic nerve pain for good.

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