How a Neck Nerve is Pinched; and What to do About it

You know about the nervous system in our bodies.  That intricate network that allows us to feel things.

That system all comes together through the neck and sends information to the brain.  Our brain then interprets the codes being sent, and we feel pain, pleasure, hot, cold, and all the other feelings that we might feel throughout the day.

If there is miscommunication, it’s often due to a pinched, or pressured, nerve somewhere in the back and neck.  Imagine it like a garden hose.  The water flows freely, but if you squeeze it (pinch it) the water won’t come out quite as it should.

Symptoms of Pinched Nerves

When your nervous system isn’t sending messages properly, it will often manifest as pain where the joints are out of place.  For instance, if you pinch a nerve in your neck, your may complain of a stiff neck, sore neck, or it can even show up as headaches.

These “pinchings” come in a variety of degrees, from slight discomfort, to debilitating pain.  They can be caused by a traumatic injury, or rolling over in your sleep (you know what I’m talking about, when you wake up feeling sore).

While many people just take some painkillers and go about their day, it’s better to fix the cause than cover up the symptoms.

How a Billings Chiropractor Helps Pinched Nerves

Chiropractic care is the process of ensuring that your body’s joints are lined up the way they’re supposed to be lined up.  When a joint gets out of place, it manifests as pain, discomfort, or limited mobility somewhere in the body.

Your chiropractor can listen to your symptoms, and locate the joint that isn’t moving quite like it’s supposed to move.  Often, it’s a simple adjustment that will push those joints back into place, and your body works as it should again.

But if you have lived with this injury, or out of place joint, for quite some time, then your muscles will pull the joint back out of place.  Continuous care will ease it back to where it’s supposed to be, until your muscles respond by leaving it there.

That pinched nerve in your neck is no different.  It’s a simple adjustment to allow those nerves to flow freely once again.

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