Your Children can Benefit from Adjustments

Most of us think about aches and pains as something that come from getting old.  You have a bad back?  That’s because you’re old.  Knees not working right?  Old.  Neck out of what?  Slept on it wrong because you’re old.

But really, babies and kids can benefit from adjustments just the same as adults.  In fact, ensuring they are all aligned while growing up can help to prevent some bigger issues from developing later on in life.  Let’s take a look at how chiropractic care for your baby or child can help them.

1 – Baby Adjustments can Alleviate Post-Birth Trauma

We don’t often consider the trauma that a baby goes through when being born.  They have just spent the last nine months in a confined space, getting bunched up more and more until it’s time to join us in the world.  Suddenly the pressure from all sides is gone, and the body has to spread out and move about in this wide-open space.  A baby adjustment can help those bones get straightened and lined up so growth is easier.

2 – Baby Adjustments can Alleviate Colicky Symptoms

Colic is a condition where the gastrointestinal system isn’t functioning the way it should.  This leads to gas buildup and indigestion and quite the painful situation for the baby.  The result, that we see, is a bunch of crying and lots of spitting up.  Adjustments can help get the nervous system flowing properly, so that the baby can push everything through the backend and not through the mouth.

3 – Baby Adjustments can Prevent Worsening Scoliosis

Scoliosis may not be prevented entirely by adjusting a baby and a child as he or she grows, but it can help keep things lined up and lessen the final outcome.  Scoliosis is a sideways or “S” curvature of the spine.  Its cause is largely unknown.  But if the spine is adjusted regularly from a young age, it should be all set to grow straight and true.

4 – Child Adjustments can Improve Behavior

Think about how you act and react when you’re not feeling on top of your game.  You can get a bit irritable, right?  Why would that be any different for children?  The big difference is that as an adult, you have a better understanding of how you body functions and how it should feel.  When a child has a pinched nerve, an out of place vertebrae, or some other joint issue going on, they’re not sure how to voice their concerns and can tend to act out.

5 – Child Adjustments can Improve Sleep

We don’t sleep well when we’re in pain.  If our body is fighting out of aligned bones, we don’t rest as fully as we should.  Appropriate and regular adjustments help your child to get the sleep they need, so they can grow strong and true.  Bonus: a well-rested child can usually do better in school, and behavior issues are diminished.

6 – Child Adjustments can Reduce Ear Infection Risk

Kids get a lot of ear infections.  This is for two reasons.  First, their immune systems are under-developed, and not able to fight off the infections as easily as an adult.  But also, because the eustachian tubes are smaller and more horizontal, so fluid that would drain out of the adult ear tends to get caught in the child’s ear and grow bacteria.  A chiropractic adjustment will help the fluid to drain naturally, and boost the immune system for the kid.

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