Dr. Shayne Durbin Helps Athletes Compete at Peak Performance

If you’re an athlete, you know that when something is a bit “off” in your body, you don’t perform as well.  Even if it’s minor, like your shoulder is a little sore, or your elbow just doesn’t feel right.  Regardless if you are even using that joint, you tend to play slightly less than optimum.

Why is this?

Why does a hurt elbow slow down your running?  Why would a shoulder that doesn’t feel great affect your soccer kick?  What do these sore joints have to do with the rest of the body?

Let’s explore the idea from the viewpoint of an athletic chiropractor here in Billings.

Your Body is One

What we don’t often realize is that our body is one machine.  Every part needs to be working together, or the entire thing suffers.

Consider your car.  If you are driving on a hot day, and you decide to flick on the air conditioner, you expect that not only will the air conditioner work, but the overall vehicle performance will go down slightly.  But if your air conditioner isn’t functioning at full capacity, the overall vehicle performance goes down even more.

It works very similarly with your body.  Whether you are consciously aware of it, your body is sending more energy to areas that aren’t functioning at full capacity (usually trying to heal or protect the part that isn’t working just right).  The outcome is that there is less energy for other movements.

Your Mind is Part of the Body

But that’s not the whole picture; it’s not just that your body is spending energy in other areas.

You feel the pain in your shoulder, elbow, toe, or wherever.  Your mind processes that pain, and makes a note of it.  Even if you’re not using your elbow to kick a ball, your mind is making subtle adjustments to your overall performance so that you don’t injure that part of the body even further.

You spend valuable energy even just thinking about that part of the body.

Consider this: what doesn’t hurt?  How often do you think of your elbow when it’s functioning optimally?  You don’t, because your brain knows not to waste energy on something that doesn’t require extra energy.

Peak Performance Starts in the Mind

So how can we return you to peak performance when you have an injury?

First, athletes in Billings should see a chiropractor regularly.  It’s only then that you will be able to ensure all joints are lined up just right, and the body can regulate itself.

Second, tapping into the power of mindset, you know that because you have seen the chiropractor, you know that the body is lined up to fix itself.  Believing that you will heal is a huge part of actually healing.

Come See an Athletic Chiropractor in Billings

That can all start with a quick visit to Shayne Durbin, an Athletic Chiropractor in Billings.

Working with your body, you get re-aligned.  Positioning yourself so that the mind can work with the body for peak performance.

Let’s get you scheduled.  Give our office a call at 406-545-2128, or use the online appointment request button, and we’ll reach out to you.

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